Computer Literacy Test 1


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Printed documents use ____ to separate locations in a file path.
Are designed for your personal files
My Documents
The Move to and Copy to buttons are found in the ____ group on the ____ tab on the File Explorer ribbon.
Organize, Home
____ is a Microsoft service that provides up to 7 GB of online storage space for your files at no charge.
A file ____ includes the three or four characters that follow the dot in the filename and identify the file's type
Example of Ascending Order
A to Z
Indicates the root directory
Hard Disk
The ____ character is allowable in a folder name.
____ is/are new to Windows 8.
The Charms bar
The ________ is a temporary storage area for information that you copied or moved from one place and plan to use somewhere else.
A file ____ shows the location of a file or folder.
File Explorer displays the current file path in the ____ so you can keep track of your current location as you navigate.
Address bar
The File Explorer status bar displays ____
only the Details and Large icons view buttons
The left pane of the File Explorer window is the ____ pane.
When you change the view for a folder in File Explorer, ____.
it only changes the view for the currently selected folder
When you edit a file you saved previously, you can use the application's ____ command to save your changes, keeping the same file name and location
G. ///
File Explorer displays the contents of your computer by using ____ to represent drives, folders, and files
Hypertext links
The default view for any folder in the Pictures Library is ____.
Large Icon
When you save a new file, you use the ____ dialog box to provide a filename and select a location for the file
Save As
You organize files by storing them in ____.
A folder name can have up to ____ characters.
If you are currently working in the F: directory, you are most likely working with folders and files ____.
USB Flash Drive
Windows 8 stores compressed files in a special type of folder called a(n) ____.
All of the following are methods for creating a new folder EXCEPT ____.
Double clicking
You can sort files ____.
Details, Content, and Tiles
To deselect a single file
All of the following are File Explorer ribbon tabs EXCEPT ____.
Box G Example of
File Explorer provides ____ ways to view the contents of a folder.
A(n) ____ is an example of a fixed file storage system, permanently housed in a computer.
hard disk
In most cases, a file deleted from a USB drive ____.
is deleted permantely
Swiping from the right edge of the screen toward the center ____.
The Charms Bar
____ a file places a duplicate version of the file in a new location that you specify.
Moving fingers apart on the screen ____.
zooms in
When working in the navigation pane, you ____ a folder to open it
The hard disk is assigned to drive ____.