Math Vocabulary Study Set By Alyssa Webber


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an equation stating that two ratios are equivalent
a change in the form of a measurement, different units, without a change in the size or amount.
Tape Diagram
a drawing used to study number relationships, that looks like a segment of tape; also known as bar model
Equivalent Ratio or Rate
two ratios are equivalent if it is possible to multiply each of the quantities in the first ratio by the same positive number to equal the corresponding quantities in the second ratio; two ratios are equivalent if they share the same unit rate
the relationship between a pair of numbers that does not change as its values are varied multiplicatively
a ratio relationship between two quantities
Unit Rate
a rate that tells how many units of one quantity correspond to 1 unit of a second quantity
a number that represents part of a whole in the form a/b , where the denominator b does not equal zero
Ratio Table
a table of equivalent ratios between two related quantities
Double Number Line Diagram
Two number lines connected at zero used to compare two sets of numbers with different scales. They help students to visualize that there are infinitely many pairs of numbers with the same ratio.
Conversion Factor
the ratio of measurement in one set of units to the equivalent value in another set of units
a representation of a number as a rate per 100