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  1. pyrethrin/permethrins (BioSpot, ProTicCall)
  2. praziquantel (Drontal, Drontal Plus) (mechanism)
  3. pyriproxyfen (Vetra)
  4. imidocloprid + permethrin (K-9 Advantix)
  5. pyrimethamine (used for)
  1. a monthly topical flea preventative; do NOT use on cats
  2. b monthly topical flea and tick preventative; do NOT use on cats
  3. c increase cestode's cell membrane permiability (disintegrates the worm's outer tissue covering)
  4. d flea preventative; insect growth regulator; prevents molting,
    mimics juvenile hormone of parasite, no adult kill
  5. e treatment of equine protozoal myeloencephalitis

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  1. organophosphate
  2. trematodes, some nematodes, Giardia
  3. disintegrates the cestode
  4. probenzimidazole (metabolized in the animal to a true benzimidazole)
  5. works by inhibiting the trematode's enzyme systems
    for energy production

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  1. epsiprantel (Cestex) (effective against)disintegrates the cestode


  2. equine protozoal myeloencephalitisstimulate presynaptic receptors which cause paralysis and death of the parasite


  3. emodepside + praziquantelProfender


  4. piperazine (mechanism)inhibits an enzyme that converts a folic acid used for metabolism in parasites to be inactive


  5. methopreneorganophosphate


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