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  1. depsipeptides (mechanism)
  2. Profender (uses)
  3. piperazine (effective against)
  4. metaflumizone (Promeris)
  5. imidazothiazoles (effective against)
  1. a stimulate presynaptic receptors which cause paralysis and death of the parasite
  2. b used topically in cats for treatment and control of hookworm, roundworm, and tapeworm
  3. c ascarids, strongyles, whipworms, hookworms
  4. d monthly topical flea preventative; paralyzes fleas, does not kill eggs
  5. e only ascarids, and only about 80%

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  1. trematodes, some nematodes, Giardia
  2. nephrotoxicity and hepatotoxicity, parasite embolism, anaphylaxis secondary to parasite death
  3. cestodes, trematodes
  4. Profender
  5. interferes with the energy metabolism of the worm

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  1. ivermectin (used for)heartworm prevention (Heartgard, Ivomec) (once monthly oral preventative), microfilaricide (50mcg/kg)


  2. diethylcarbamazinedaily oral preventative (HW), used to prevent third stage larvae from reaching maturity


  3. pyrantel pamoate (Strongid/Nemex)tetrahydropirimidine


  4. imidocloprid + permethrin (K-9 Advantix)monthly topical flea and tick preventative; do NOT use on cats


  5. morantel tartrate (Strongid/Nemex)monthly topical flea and tick preventative