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  1. ivermectin (not effective against)
  2. fenbendazole (Panacur)
  3. mebendazole (side effects)
  4. Dipylidium is spread by ______________
  1. a benzimidazole
  2. b fleas
  3. c cestodes, trematodes
  4. d liver toxicity issues

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  1. imidazothiazole, used more often in cattle
  2. given in the epaxial muscles between the L3 and L5 vertebrae
  3. used topically in cats for treatment and control of hookworm, roundworm, and tapeworm
  4. monthly flea preventative for cats, kills fleas wi 6 hrs, controls all flea stages
  5. monthly topical flea preventative

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  1. equine protozoal myeloencephalitisneurological disease in horses, caused by the protozoan Sarcocystis neurona


  2. piperazine (mechanism)interferes with the energy metabolism of the worm


  3. moxidectin (Proheart)six-month injectable preventative (HW), used to prevent third stage larvae from reaching maturity


  4. pyrethrin/permethrins (BioSpot, ProTicCall)monthly topical flea preventative; do NOT use on cats


  5. Taenia is spread by _______________fleas