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Marjory Gordon's Functional Health Care Patterns

The philosophy of the ADN program is congruent with the NC's mission statement and is supported by?

Three spheres

mind, body, soul


health reflects harmony within the body and enables the person to move toward?


Identified hierarchy of needs

ANA Code of Ethics

Nursing is a profession and an art that is guided by?

American Nurses Association

Sets Standard for Nursing practice.


Adapting to the World through assimilation and accommodation


The process by which a person takes material into their mind from the environment which may mean changing th eevidence of their senses to make it fit.


The difference made to one's mind or concepts by the process of assimilation


The ability to group objects together on the basis of common features.

Class Inclusion

The understanding more advanced than simple classification that some classes or sets of objects are also sub-sets of a larger class


The realisation that objects or sets of objects stay the same even when they are changed about or made to look different.


The ability to move away from one system of classification to another


The belief that you are the center of the universerse and everything revolves aroudn you.


Process of working out something in your head.


The representation in the mind of a set of perceptions, ideas, and or actions which go together.


A period of a child's development in which he or she is capable of unerstanding some things but not others.

Birth to 2 years

What age is Sensori-motor?

2-7 years

What age is Pre-operational

7-11 years

What age is Concrete Operational

11 years and up

What age is formal operational?


achieves object permanence....


Thinking is egocentric: has difficulty taking the viewpoint of others

Concrete operational

Can think logically about objects and events

Formal operational

Can think logically about abstract propositions and tests nypotheses systemically

6-11 servings

Bread Cereal Rice and pasta

3-5 servings


2-3 servings

meat poultry fish dry beans eggs & nuts

2-3 servings

milk yogurt & cheese

use sparingly

fats oils and sweets

4 calories

how many calories per gram in protein?

4 calories

how many calories per gram in carbs?

9 calories

how many calories per gram in fats?

7 calories

how many calories per gram in alcohol?

Therapeutic communication

__________________ between the nurse, client and other health providers is the basis for effective clinical decision makign to help assure the delivery of accurate and safe care.


nursing diagnoses, are used as the tadonomy for describing actual or potential health problems. Who developed this?

Gordon's Functional Health Patterns

serves as the basis for the framework of the nursing program?

ADA (American with Disabilities Act)

If a student cannot meet the standards without accommodations or modifications the nursing program will determine whether or not the modifications can be made individually. This is set by?

Critical Thinking

Identify cause-effect relationships in clinical situations


Establish rappaport with patients/clients and colleagues


Explain treatement procedures, initiate health teaching, document and interpret nursing actions.


To maneuver in small places. Move around in patient's room work space and treatment area.

Motor Skills

Calibrate and use equipment; position patients/clients.


Observe patient/client responses


Observe patient/client responses


perform palpatation functions of physical exam.


Students must have a GPA of ? to be entered into Nursing?


How many injectsions of Hep B must you have to do clinicals?

student will be automatically withdrawn

If a student fails a drug test?

student may be dismissed from the nursing program

failture to maintain confidental information.

18 hours

3 occurrences of absense in an NUR class with a clinical component will result in the student being reported to the administrator and will result in the student being withdrawn from the nursing course. How many hours does this total?

10 minutes

How long of a time period is considered a tardy?


How many times can you fail a course before being withdrawn?


What score must you make on the exit exam?


what is unacceptable and is grounds for dismissal from the nursing program?

In all clinical settings; above waistline where it can be seen

Where must the ID/name tag/badge be worn?

Nail polish & visible tattoos

Will result in being sent home and a U for the day

Cleanse woud/skin with soap and water

First step in immediate treatement


Who can delegate to an LPN?

Cannot do ACLS but can do CPR



can observe treatment

Can assess patient


American Nurses Association ANA

Sets the code of ethics for nursing?

Level 0

full self care

Level 1

requires use of equipment or device

Level 2

requires supervision from a person

Level 3

requires assistance from a person

Level 4

dependent does not participate


Achieving individual potential


self esteem- and esteem from others


love, affection, being a part of groups


Shelter, removal from danger


Health food Sleep

Maslow's Hierarchy Level 1


Maslow's Hierarchy Level 2


Maslow's Hierarchy Level 3


Maslow's Hierarchy Level 4


Maslow's Hierarchy Level 5


stated that lower needs must be met before achieving higher levels.



provide lunch breaks, rest breaks, and wages that are sufficient to purchase the essentials in life


provide a safe work environment, retirement benefits, and job security

social needs

create sense of community via team-based projects and social events


recognize achievements to make employees feel appreciated and valued. offer job titles


provide employees a challenge and opportunity to reach full career potential

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