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American History Chapter 8 vocabulary


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popular sovereignty
the belief that government is subject to the will of the people
limited government
government with limited powers strictly defined by law
enumerated power
power specifically given congress in the constitution
reserved power
power belonging only to the states
concurrent power
power shared by the state and federal government
separation of powers
a principle by which powers are divided among different branches of government to make sure no one branch has too much power
to go against or state the opposite
implied power
power not enumerated in the constitution by suggested in its language
to include
judicial review
power of the court to judge whether or not actions of the other branches are constiutional
to carry out
due process
the legal rules and procedures the government must observe before depriving a person of life, liberty, and property
equal protection
the equal application of the law regardless of a person's race, religion, political beliefs, or other qualities
the process of becoming a citizen of another country
reduce, make smaller