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  1. 2422.01
  2. 2421.03
  3. 2421.04
  4. hat is the mininum number of seeds that must be deposited to be considered by the Office?
  5. 2435
  1. a Notification of a Failure to Comply
  2. b Publishing of Patents and Patent Application Publications With Lengthy Sequence Listings
  3. c Definitions of Nucleotide and/or Amino Acids for Purpose of Sequence Rules
  4. d 2500
  5. e Future Changes to the Sequence Rules

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  1. Viability of Deposit

    Viability may be tested by the depository. The test must conclude only that the deposited material is capable of reproduction. No evidence is necessarily required regarding the ability of the deposited material to perform any function described in the patent application.
  2. Form Paragraphs and Notice to Comply
  3. Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequence Disclosures in Patent Disclosure in Patent Applications
  4. Term of Deposit

    A deposit made before or during pendency of an application for patent shall be made for a term of at least thirty (30) years and at least five (5) years after the most recent request for the furnishing of a sample of the deposit was received by the depository. This satisfies the terms of the Budapest Treaty
  5. Deposit of Biological Material

    37 CFR 1.801 Biological Material

    For the purposes of these regulations pertaining to the deposit of biological material for purposes of patents for inventions under 35 U.S.C. 101, the term biological material shall include material that is capable of self-replication either directly or indirectly. Representative examples include bacteria, fungi including yeast, algae, protozoa, eukaryotic cells, cell lines, hybridomas, plasmids, viruses, plant tissue cells, lichens and seeds. Viruses, vectors, cell organelles and other non-living material existing in and reproducible from a living cell may be deposited by deposit of the host cell capable of reproducing the non-living material.

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  1. 2403.02Replacement or Supplemental of Deposit


  2. 2407.02Replacement May Not Be Recognized


  3. 2420The Requirement for Patent Applications Containing Nucleotide Sequence and/or Amino Acid Sequence Disclosures-the Sequence


  4. 2407.01Biological Material That Is Known and Readily Available to the Public


  5. 2426Amendments to or Replacement of Sequence Listing and Computer Readable Copy Thereof