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  1. 2422.09
  2. 2407.06
  3. 2407.04
  4. 2424.02
  5. 2435
  1. a Sequence Listing Numeric Identifiers
  2. b Replacement May Not Be Recognized
  3. c Box Sequence; Hand Delivery of Sequence Listings and Computer Readable Forms
  4. d Publishing of Patents and Patent Application Publications With Lengthy Sequence Listings
  5. e Treatment of Replacement
    37 CFR 1.805(e)
    where a replacement deposit is permitted and made, the examiner will assume that the same material as described in the patent is accessible from the identified depository unless evidence to the contrary comes to the attention of the Office

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  1. Term of Deposit

    A deposit made before or during pendency of an application for patent shall be made for a term of at least thirty (30) years and at least five (5) years after the most recent request for the furnishing of a sample of the deposit was received by the depository. This satisfies the terms of the Budapest Treaty
  2. Replies to Rejections Based on Deposit Issue

    Once a rejection under 35 U.S.C. 112 has been made by the examiner directed to the absence of access to a biological material, applicant may reply, pursuant to 37 CFR 1.809 (b)(1), by either making an acceptable original or replacement deposit in accordance with these regulations, or assuring the Office in writing that an acceptable deposit will be made on or before the date of payment of the issue fee, or by submitting an argument of why a deposit is not required under the circumstances of the application being considered. Other replies to such a rejection by the examiner shall be considered nonresponsive and may result in abandonment of the application. - See more at:
  3. Replacement or Supplemental of Deposit
  4. Acceptable Depository

    The depository must:
    (i)Have a continuous existence;
    (ii)Exist independent of the control of the depositor;
    (iii)Possess the staff and facilities sufficient to examine the viability of a deposit and store the deposit in a manner which ensures that it is kept viable and uncontaminated;
    (iv)Provide for sufficient safety measures to minimize the risk of losing biological material deposited with it;
    (v)Be impartial and objective;
    (vi)Furnish samples of the deposited material in an expeditious and proper manner; and
    (vii)Promptly notify depositors of its inability to furnish samples, and the reasons why.
  5. Amendments to or Replacement of Sequence Listing and Computer Readable Copy Thereof

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  1. 2425Form and Format for Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequence Submissions in Computer Readable Form


  2. 2421.01Rejections Based on Deposit Issue


  3. 2404Viability of Deposit

    Viability may be tested by the depository. The test must conclude only that the deposited material is capable of reproduction. No evidence is necessarily required regarding the ability of the deposited material to perform any function described in the patent application.


  4. 2424.01Informational Requirements for the Sequence Listing


  5. 2411.03Content of Application with Respect to Deposited Material