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The continued emission of light by a phosphor after the activating source has ceased is termed


A test tool that demonstrates line pairs per millimeter is used to express

intensifying screen resolution

The term spectral matching refers to the fact that film sensitivity must be matched with the

proper color screen fluorescence

The anatomic organ used for phonation is called the


When the Waters projection is done for the nasal area, the central ray exits through the


The suture that separates the frontal bones from the parietal bones is called the


In the posterior oblique position of the cervical spine, the central ray should be directed

15 degrees cephalad to C4

The Caldwell projection of the skull requires that the central ray be angled

15-20 degrees caudad

The perpendicular plate is located within which bone?


The device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy is called


Which interaction between x-ray photons and matter results in total absorption of the incident photon

Photoelectric effect

All of the following are related to recorded detail except

grid ratio

A small bottle containing several doses of medication is termed


Protective gloves worn during fluoroscopic procedures should be lined with a minimum lead equivalent of

0.25mm Pb

All other factors remaining the same, if a 14 × 17-inch field is collimated to a 4-inch square field, the radiographic image will demonstrate

less density

What is the name of the device that functions to expose a film with an optical step wedge having a number of densities ranging from white to black


Focal spot blur is greatest

toward the cathode end of the x-ray beam

Which of the following barium-filled anatomic structures is best demonstrated in the left anterior oblique (LAO) position

Splenic flexure

Which part of the rib articulates with the transverse process of the thoracic vertebrae


The steeper the straight line portion of a characteristic curve for a particular film, the
1. slower the film speed
2. higher the film contrast
3. grater the exposure latitude

higher the film contrast

Examination of the following body parts is done using a low kVp:
1. gall bladder
2. kidneys
3. small bowel

gall bladder & kidneys

The articulation of the sagittal and coronal suture is the


Orthostatic hypotention is

a decrease of BP upon standing

The petrous ridge is located at the same level as the

top of ear attachment

If single-emulsion film was loaded into its cassette with the emulsion facing away from the intensifying screen, the resulting image would demonstrate

decreased density

How is SID related to exposure rate and radiographic density

As SID increases, exposure rate decreases and radiographic density decreases

Which of the following techniques is used to evaluate the dynamics of a part


An unexposed and processed film will have a density of about


In a modern image intensifier, what purpose does the photocathode serve

converts light photons to electrons

How many pulses per cycle are found in a single phase, full wave rectified X-ray machine


Which type of error results in grid cutoff at the periphery of the radiographic image


The RPO position for radiography of the ribs will demonstrate an injury along the

right margin

Compared to that of the hyposthenic and asthenic habitus types, the gallbladder of a hypersthenic patient is most likely to be located

higher and more lateral

What term describes effects that become evident in the descendants of irradiated individuals


Which of the following may have an effect on patient-exposure dose?
1. Milliamperage seconds
2. filtration
3. beam restriction

Milliamperage seconds, filtration, beam restriction

Which of the following is (are) well demonstrated in the oblique position of the cervical vertebrae?

1) Intervertebral foramina
2) Disk spaces
3) Apophyseal joints

Intervertebral foramina

The most common method of designating screen speed is

relative speed (par)

The right anterior oblique of the cervical spine requires which of the following combinations of tube angle and direction

15° to 20° caudad

Which of the following conditions is often the result of ureteral obstruction or stricture


Which of the following is a necessary criterion for demonstrating the intercondyloid fossa

The central ray should be directed perpendicular to the lower leg

The average pulse rate (beats/minute) for a normal adult is usually between


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