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Chapter 3 Review (Windows Programming)


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How do you manage the attributes of a control from the Design screen?
"Properties" panel
How do you set the caption displayed by a Label control?
Set the Text attribute
What C# component represents an application screen that contains other controls?
A Form
What is the difference between list boxes and combo boxes?
List boxes display all items at once, but combo boxes display one item at a time
What is the major difference between radio buttons and check boxes?
You can only select one radio button in a group at a time; you can select 0, 1, or more check boxes.
What will the code "MessageBox.Show("Greetings");" do?
Display a pop-up dialog with "Greetings" and an OK button
Which of the following best describes event-driven programming?
Executing functions or blocks of code in response to some event
Which of the following best describes namespaces?
A way to organize groups of objects into hierarchies
Why do you add "using" statements to the top of your code?
To let you access an object from the namespace using only the short name
Why is it important to give forms and controls meaningful names?
You can identify the purpose of a control when reading the name in your code
How can you change the caption or title of a Form?
Change the "Text" property in the Property panel
What type of project is used to create a graphical program in Visual C#?
Windows Forms Application
What is the purpose of the Controls Toolbox?
holds all of the possible Windows controls that can be added to a Form
What code will change the text on a button named "MyButton" to "Click Here"?
MyButton.Text="Click Here";
is NOT a common form element?
Shape Box
All of the objects in C# are carefully organized into _____________.
If we created a namespace called "TeenCoder", which contained a namespace called "Windows", which contained a namespace called "Programming", how would we reference the "Programming" namespace in our code?
If you wanted to use a method called "mystery() on an object named "X" in namespace "Y.Z", how would you access the mystery() method without a using statement?
What namespace contains the "Forms" object?
What events can be used to trigger a function call in your program?
- Use clicks a button
- User types into a control
User moves the mouse