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Prince Henry the Navigator

Portugal; founded school to train sailors to become explorers; 1419

Bartolomeu Dias

Portugal; explored southern tip of Africa; 1488

Vasco da Gama

Portugal; discovered water route around Africa to India; 1497

Christopher Columbus

Spain; sailed west across Atlantic Ocean to reach Asia; discovered San Salvador and explored Cuba and Hispaniola; made four voyages--first 1492

Ferdinand Magellan

Spain; circumnavigated the globe; sailed west to find route to Asia; sailed around tip of South America and named Pacific Ocean; 1520

John Cabot

England; discovered Newfoundland; 1497

Giovanni da Verrazano

France; mapped coast from North Carolina to Newfoundland; 1524

Jacques CArtier

French; mapped St, Lawrence river; tried to find northern passage to Asia; made three trips; 1534

Hernan Cortes

Spain; conquistador who conquered Aztecs in Mexico; 1521

Francisco Pizarro

Spain; conquered Inca civilization located on western side of South America; 1533

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