25 terms

WordMasters Winter 2018

n: a small, narrow valley with steep sides
v : to make (something) greater
v : to make (something) seem greater or more important than it is
v: to make (something) appear larger
adj.: able to live through difficult conditions (such as a cold winter or a drought)
adj.: strong and able to accept difficult or unpleasant conditions
n : plant material that cannot be digested but that helps you to digest other food

n : a thin thread of natural or artificial material that can be used to make cloth, paper, etc.

n: formal : strength or toughness of character
n: to cause or persuade (a person or an animal) to go somewhere or to do something by offering some pleasure or gain
n: an appealing or attractive quality
adj: strong and heavy
n: pieces of ice that fall from clouds like rain
n: a large number of small hard objects (such as bullets or stones) flying or falling together
v: to speak of or welcome (someone or something) with praise or enthusiasm
v: to call out in order to stop or get the attention of (someone or something)
v: to have been born or raised in (a place) : to come from (a place)
v: to become gradually smaller toward one end
taper off [phrasal verb]
: to become gradually less and less : to decrease slowly
a piece of string covered with wax that is used for lighting lamps, candles, etc.
b : a long, thin candle
adj: having or showing the annoying attitude of people who care too much about dressing and behaving properly and who are easily upset by other people's behavior, language, etc.
n: most of something : the largest part of something
n: the large size of someone or something
in bulk
: in large containers or in large amounts
v: to produce sound in an unsteady way especially because you are afraid or nervous
n: an unsteady sound in someone's voice that is caused by fear or other strong emotions
n: a hard, heavy wood that comes from tropical trees
adj: very dark or black
n: a member of a group of people who move from place to place instead of living in one place all the time
adj: nomadic
1. happening or existing before now and continuing into the present

2. in spite of that — used to say that something happens or is true even though there is something that might prevent it from

3. without moving : without motion

adj.: lacking motion or activity

v: to become still or to make (something) still : to stop moving or to cause (something) to stop moving

n: a piece of equipment that is used for making strong alcoholic drinks
adj.: not lasting : lasting for only a short time
n.: 1. a large round hole in the ground made by the explosion of a bomb or by something falling from the sky
2. the area on top of a volcano that is shaped like a bowl

v.: to fail or fall suddenly
adj. : very thin and light
of hair : not thick or full
of a voice : very soft and quiet
1. long and not wide : small from one side to the other side
2. including or involving a small number of things or people : limited in range or amount
3. almost not successful : very close to failure
v: 1. to make (something) less wide
2. to become smaller in amount or range
1. a small hill or pile of dirt or stones
2. the slightly raised area of ground on which a baseball pitcher stands
3. a heap or pile of something
1. to make a pile with or of (something)
2. to cover (something) with a pile of something
1. to move or walk in a slow and unsteady way
2. to become weak and likely to fail or collapse
adj.: very small
1. a small amount of soft food
2. a usually small amount of something
v.: to go to different places without having a particular purpose or plan
adj.:wide open : very large
n.: a very small amount of something
v.: 1. to draw the outline of (something)
2. to draw (something, such as letters or a picture) especially in a careful way
3.to follow (something) back to its cause, beginning, or origin : to find out where something came from

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