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Where does it hurt?
Où as-tu mal?
I have a bad stomachache
J'ai mal au ventre.
She has a heart problem
Elle a mal au coeur
She has a headche
Elle a mal à la tête
she has an earache
elle a mal aux oreilles
she has a toothache
elle a mal aux dents
she has a backache
elle a mal au dos
she has a throatache
elle a mal à la gorge
she has the flu
elle a la grippe
she has a fever
elle a de la fièvre
she has a cold
elle a un rhume
she has the chills
elle a des frissons
she is tired
elle est fatiguée
she looks well
elle a bonne mine
she looks sick
elle a mauvaise mine
she is in good shape
elle est en bonne forme
she is in bad shape
elle est en mauvaise forme
la gorge
le coeur
le ventre
a liver attack
une crise de foie
a pharmacy
une pharmacie
tea made with natural herbs
une infusion
His legs feel like jelly
il a les jambes en compote
she's not feeling well
elle n'est pas dans son assiette
she has a very high temperature
elle a une fièvre de chebal
he has pins and needles in his legs
il a des fourmis dans les jambes
she has to stay in bed
elle est clouée au lit
he has a frog in his throat
il a un chat dans la gorge
her stomach is tied in knots
son estomac fait des noeuds
to have to
je ( to have to)
tu ( to have to)
il/elle/on ( to have to)
nous ( to have to)
vous ( to have to)
ils/elles ( to have to)