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SOS - IS Unit 022

Comprehend how the Air Force is transforming to meet the demands of a changing strategic environment.
Summarize the Air Force's transformation strategy
* enhance joint warfighting
* aggressively pursue innovation
* create flexible, agile organizations
* shift to capabilities & effects-based planning & programming
* develop transformational capabilities
* break out of industrial age business processes
Explain how the Air Force is transitioning from a platform-based garrison force to a capabilities-based expeditionary force
- the AF is committed to make effects & capabilities needed to achieve them the driving force behind this ongoing transformation by developing CONOPS that focus on the essential elements required to accomplish the mission
Identify how the ongoing transformation of the Air Force will enable the Joint Force Commander
- Neutralize mobile targets, decision cycle dominance, use smaller force to disable enemy, max power of timely joint force, protect information systems, rapidly deploy forces aboard, protect guard forces, continuous operations in CBRNC
Describe each of the 7 Task Force Concepts of Operation. (CONOPs)
a. Global mobility - integrate traditional airlift refueling with enhanced command, control
b. Global response - rapidly deployable, attach high value, high-risk targets
c. Global strike - key is finding and targeting adversary's anti-access capabilities
d. Homeland security - prevent attacks, protect infrastructure and respond to physical/cyber attack
e. Nuclear response - safe nuclear deterrents that can rapidly shift should deterrence fail
*f. Space and C4ISR - real time information collection and manipulation, move to lighter, more deployable approach
Summarize the environmental obstacles of the current AF transformational strategy
* current operations increase the stress on military institutions at the same time service leaders demand significant reform
* danger of making things happen faster, tightening the observation, orientation, decision & action [OODA] loop, will lead to success
* danger that the transformation-vision-&operating-concept process could create asymmetric vulnerabilities