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pin a ribbon
to show the ribbons and tools at all times
backstage view
to see recently used documents
design ribbon
themes button located
overtype mode
replace text as you type
a document that contains formatting, styles, and sample text that you can use to create new documents
a set of coordinated colors, fonts, and effects that can be applied to office 2016 documents.
make a header active
double click at the top of a page
horizontal alignment
the position of text in relation to the width of the page
design tab
insert a watermark
tab stops
left, right, and decimal
line spacing
the amount of white spaces between lines of a text in a paragraph
enter twice
to leave a blank line in MS word
clear all formatting
removes all formatting from a selection
navigation pane
opens on the left side of the document window
bold & italic
most common font styles
mailing tab
use to add an envelope or a document
bulleted list
list things in no particular order
grocery list
a good example of a bulleted list
a collection of formatting settings that can be applied to characters or paragraph
save as
to save a document with a new name
clip art
predrawn pictures that you can insert in an office document
a line placed on one or more sides of a paragraph, page, or text box
predesigned document
default font of MS word 2016
page down
keyboard key to move the insertion point down one screen
file tab
to access backstage view
it has multiple tabs, each with several groups of commands
backspace key
erases all text to the left of the insertion point
delete key
erases all the text from the right of the point
improve appearance
change the horizontal and vertical alignment
nudge an item
using the directional arrow keys
makes it easy to apply a collection of formatting settings to characters or paragraphs all at once
turns on/off nonprinting characters
vertical alignment
used to adjust the position of all text on a page with relations to the top and bottom margin
undo button
a quick access toolbar that you can click to reverse your last action
fonts drop down list
find recently used fonts
status bar
available at the bottom of the document window
click and type feature
makes it easy to position the insertion point to begin typing in print layout view
descending order
sorts text from the end to the beginning, like z-a or 10-1
ascending order
order sorts text from beginning to end, such as a-z or 1-10
default style
numbered list
when the order of the items is important
format/manipulate objects
you must first click the format tab
text direction
runs from top to bottom or bottom to top
display show/hide
to see where each paragraph ends, if there are extra spaces, or unwanted tab characters
active pane
the pane in which the insertion point is currently located
close a document
click the X located in the top right
hover over an icon
you get a popup box with a description of the icon
paragraph dialog box
to set any type of indent
multilevel list
to format items into a list that has more than one level
sort icon
to organize a list into alphabetical or numerical order
a picture of the content currently displayed in a window that is open on your computer desktop
a feature that duplicates text from one location and then places it on the clipboard
words with the same meaning
tab or increase indent button
to increase the level of an item in a multilevel list
select an object
a bounding box and sizing handles display around its border
text box
to position several blocks of text on a page or change the direction of a text
to format multiple objects or shapes as one
word art
a feature of word used to transform text into a drawing object
insert tab and table group
what tab and group can you convert text to table?
drag and drop editing
to move a selection by dragging it with the mouse
add words so that MS word does not mark them as misspelled in the future
find feature
to locate and highlight all occurrences of a word or phrase
makes it easy to find a specific location or specific text
a picture to print lightly behind text of a document
word processing software
create, edit, format, and print documents
to view synonyms and antonyms according to the similarity of meaning
word inserts shapes as _ objects so they can be positioned anywhere on a page
move text
drag and drop technique
show tabs
to maximize the document viewing area and only see the menu headings
to add a new line of text
format painter
lets you copy the format of text and apply those attributes to a different text
keyboard shortcuts cents selected text
the file menu command that allows you to open an existing document
margins on a page
four (top, bottom, right, left)
insertion point
the blinking vertical line in your document that indicates where you can enter text on a page
highlight text with the mouse
use the arrow keys while holding now the shift key
allows you to create graphs
word, excel, and powerpoint
apply a heading style
best way to create a heading in a document
select the text
before you can format text, _
quick access toolbar
the part of word window that lets you access common commands
the keyboard key used to move the insertion point to the beginning of the current line