Bone Tissue

This quiz is to be taken after watching the bone tissue video(s)
osteoblasts and osteocytes in the first lamellar ring receive their nutrients from:
the artery in the central or Haversian canal
osteocytes in the outer lamellae receive their nutrients from:
osteocytes live in a "cocoon" called a:
The name of the cells which create the matrix for osteons are called:
Spongy bone is made of:
trabeculae, spicules.
The long part of a long bone is called:
the diaphysis
The end of a long bone is called the:
The growth plate is called the:
epiphyseal plate
The lining of the marrow cavity is called the:
The lining of the bone is called the:
Arteries which penetrate bones are all called:
nutrient arteries
Red bone marrow is found:
in the spongy bone
Yellow bone marrow is found
in the medullary cavity
Bones in a fetus begin to ossify:
around the diaphysis - appositional growth
Bones grow in length from the:
epiphyseal plates