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Scientific Method in Theory and Practice

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The results of an experiment (facts statistics, and data). This is what is evaluated after an experiment.
A standard of comparison.
scientific method
Steps scientists use to answer questions or solve problems: identify problem, ask question, research, form hypothesis, test the hypothesis through an experiment, analyze date, draw conclusion, them publish/share results
scientific theory
An explanation of natural phenomenon supported by a large body of scientific evidence (well tested idea)
scientific law
Statement about natural observable phenomenon (what happens) that are always true
An educated guess that is testable (by an experiment)
The initial problem that a scientist seeks to solve or understand (the hypothesis becomes an anticipated answer)
The steps of an actual experiment
The final step in the scientific method, when a scientist finalizes the results of an experiment (state final interpretation of your results, this can prove or disprove your hypothesis)
a factor that can be changed in an experiment