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Cycladic Idol/female figurine
2500-2300 BCE, marble, approx. 1'6" high
Lyre Player
2700-2500 BCE, marble, 9" high
Palace at Knossos
1700-1400 BCE
La Parisienne
1450-1400, fragment of a fresco, approx. 10" high
The Toreador Fresco
1450-1400 BCE, fresco, approx. 2'8" high
The Octopus Vase
1500 BCE, approx. 11" high
The Harvester Vase
1500 BCE, steatite, approx. 5"
The Snake Goddess
1600 BCE, faience, approx. 1' 1.5" high
Citadels of Tiryns and Myceanae
1400-1200 BCE
The Lion Gate
1300-1250 BCE, limestone, relief panel, 9'6" high
Treasury of Atreus
Funeral Mask
The Warrior Vase
1200 BCE, 1'4" high
Dipylon Krater
740 BCE, approx. 3' 4 1/2" high
Hero and Centaur
750-730 BCE, bronze, approx. 4 1/2" high
The Blinding of Polyphemus
Lady of Auxerre (Kore)
650-625 BCE, limestone, approx. 2' 1 1/2" high
Standing Youth (kouros)
600 BCE, marble, 6' 1/2" high
560 BCE, marble, approx. 5' 5"
Funerary Statue of Kroisos
530 BCE, marble, approx. 6' 4" high
Peplos Kore
530 BCE, marble, approx. 4' high
Kore from the Acropolis in Athens
520-510 BCE, marble, approx. 1'9 1/2" high
The Temple of Hera (aka "Bascillica")
580 BCE, 80x170 sq ft
West Pediment Sculpture of the Temple of Artemis
600-580 BCE, limestone, approx. 9'4" high at peak
Battle of the Gods and Giants, N. Frieze of the Treasury of the Siphnians
530 BCE, marble, approx. 2'1"
The Francois Vase
570 BCE, approx. 2'2" high
Dionysus in a Sailboat
Herkales Strangling the Nemean Lion
Herkales Wrestling Antaios
Euphronios, 510 BCE, approx. 1'7" high
Dying Warrior (or Fallen Warrior), E. Pediment of the temple of Aegina
500-490 BCE, marble, 5'2 1/2" long
Herkales, E. Pediment of the Temple of Aegina
500-490 BCE, marble,
The Kritios Boy
480 BCE, 2'10", marble, from Acropolis in Athens
The Charioteer of Delphi
470 BCE, bronze, 5'11" high
The Discus Thrower (Discobolos)
450 BCE, Roman copy of a bronze original, 5'1" high
Zeus (or Poseidon)
460-450 BCE, bronze, approx. 6'10" high
Polykleitos: Spear Bearer
450-440 BCE, Roman copy from a bronze original, 6'11" tall
Dying Niobid
The Propylaia
437-432 BCE
The Parthenon
447-438 BCE
Lapith and Centaur, Metopes of Parthenon
447-438 BCE, marble, approx. 4'8" high
Dionysus and the Three Goddesses, E. Pediment of the Parthenon
438-432 BCE, marble, greatest height approx. 4'5"
Horsemen and the Head of the Procession, Pan-Athenaic Frieze of Parthenon
447-438 BCE, marble, approx. 3'6" high
The Erechtheion (w/ Porch of Maidens)
421-405 BCE
The Temple of Athena Nike (w/ Nike Fastening her sandal)
410 BCE, marble, approx. 3'6" high
Grave Stele of Hegeso
400 BCE, marble, 5'2" high
Achilles Painter, Warrior taking leave of his Wife
440 BCE, approx. 1'5" high
Praxiteles: Aphrodite of Knidos
350-340 BCE, roman copy after an original, approx. 6'8" high
Praxiteles: Hermes and Dionysus
340 BCE, copy after an original, approx. 7'1" high
Lysippos: The Scraper
330 BCE, Roman copy after an original, approx. 6'9" high
Altar of Zeus and Athena, Pergamum
175 BCE
Athena Taking Young Alyconeus by the Hair, E. Frieze, Altar in Pergamum
175 BCE, marble, approx. 7'6" high
Dying Gaul
230-220 BCE, Roman copy after a bronze original, 3'1/2" high
Nike of Samothrace
190 BCE, marble, figure approx. 8'1" high
Venus de Milo
150-125 BCE, marble, approx. 6'7" high
Seated Boxer
100-50 BCE, bronze, approx. 4'2 1/2" high
Old Market Woman
150-100 BCE, marble, 4' 1/2" high
Boy Strangling Goose
The Laocoon Group
Early 1st Century CE, marble, approx. 7'10 1/2" high
Aegean Art
3000-1200 BCE
Cycladic Period
3000-2000 BCE
Minoan Period
3000-1400 BCE
Mycenaean Period
1500-1200 BCE
Geometric Period
900-700 BCE
Orientalizing Style
725-650 BCE
Archaic Period
650-480 BCE
Classical Period
480-400 BCE / 5th Century BCE
Late Classical Period
400-325 BCE
Hellenistic Period
325-30 BCE