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CNA Chapter 43-57

Exercise questions
Carbohydrates, fats, and protein are nutrients.
Partially complete proteins contain all nine amino acids necessary to maintain life and provide growth.
An incomplete protein.
Gelatin is an example of?
Fats are not necessary to the body and need to be eliminated?
Water soluble vitamins, such as the B vitamins and vitamin C need to be consumed?
Three days
You can survive three months without food, but only about how long without water?
Helps prevent constipation.
What is an advantage of fiber in the diet?
Fats, oils and sweet.
What food group should we eat only sparingly?
What food group should we eat the most from?
The nursing assistant should discourage residents from taking too many fluids during the day?
Illness or disability, depression, and medication can all affect appetite.
When possible, residents eat in their own rooms, not the dining room.
Eat off other residents' trays.
When resident eat in the dining room , you should be sure they do not?
When residents eat in their rooms, the nursing assistant should encourage independent eating?
Watch the resident begin eating before leaving the rrom.
Mr. Wilson can feed himself in his own room. The nursing assistant should
Alternate solid food and fluids.
When feeding a dependent resident, the nursing assistant should
A portion of food caught in the airway.
Choking is commonly caused by
Give a hard, upward thrust against the resident's abdomen.
In the Heimlich Maneuver, the nursing assistant should
The nursing assistant specifies the type of diet most therapeutic for the resident.
In which type of diet is sugar elimination?
Which diet has no restrictions?
Low fat
Mrs. Johnson has coronary artery disease and is not allowed to eat fried foods, gravies, or foods using whole milk. What type of diet is she on?
The resident who is unable to chew at all may be placed on a pureed diet.
When planning a resident's diet, the nutritionist does not take into account the residents likes and dislikes
It is very difficult to change the eating habits of residents.
By observing the residents tray after the meal and noting how much was eaten.
How does the nursing assistant chart the amount of food and fluid consumed by the resident?
For lunch, Mrs. Block ate half of her spaghetti and meatballs, none of the salad, and all of the bread and margarine, milk, and dessert. Using a guide in which meat = 40%, pasta = 10%, salad = 5%, bread and margarine = 20%, milk = 15%, and dessert = 10%, what is the total percentage of the allocated calories eaten by Mrs. Block?
Changes in a resident's eating habits must be reported by the nursing assistant to the charge nurse.
Soup, jello, and ice cream.
At dinner, Mrs. Flanagan ea\ts soup, salad, chicken, jello, and ice cream. Which of these foods should be recorded as her fluid intake.
As soon as he drinks the liquids.
Mr. Jackson has a catheter. In monitoring intake and output of fluids, when is it best to record his fluid intake?
1000 cc
Mrs. Johnson drinks an 8 oz. glass of milk, an 8 oz cup of coffee, a 6 oz. glass of juice, and a 10 oz. bowl of soup. What is her total fluid intake measured in cc's?
30 cc/ml
1 oz = how many cc's
Perineal care is essential every time an incontinent resident is changed.
Residents with catheters are usually not susceptible to infections.
Clean the area around the catheter.
What must the nursing assistant do when caring for a female resident who has an indwelling urinary catheter?
The collection bag or container should always be above the level of the bladder.
What is a result of decreased urinary output?
Abnormalities in urine are to be reported to the charge nurse.
Dry lips and mucous membranes are signs of?
Male residents to urinate into it.
What is a urinal used for?
Privacy when using a bedpan or urinal is the responsibility of the resident?
A resident can safely be left on a bedpan or commode for at least a half hour?
Specimens you may be asked to collect include
First thing in the morning
It is best to take urine and sputum specimens
When the specimen must be free from contamination.
When should you use the midstream, clean catch method to collect urine?
When obtaining a urine specimen from a urinary catheter, you should always disconnect the drainage tube from the catheter?
Abnormalities observed in stool specimens include color, consistency, odor and amount
A substance coughed up by the lungs
What is sputum
Consistency and regular schedule are important in helping a resident regain bladder and bowel control.
Self-esteem, culture, and patterns of behavior are some reasons why people behave as they do.
In order to influence residents' behavior, you must first ignore the reasons for the behavior.
An experience that is common among older residents is?
Anger and depression are common reactions to loss.
Overly dependent behavior may be the result of the culture's expectation of older people.
Residents who have entered a long-term care facility are usually happy and rarely angry or depressed.
Stubbornness could really be fear of doing things differently.
By our whole manner and what we say
How are expectations communicated?
Reinforce the importance of letting him be more independent in the family's presence.
Mr. Howell's daughter and son-in-law are constantly doing things for him, so much so that he is dependent on them and everyone else in the care facility. What can the nursing assistant do to encourage Mr. Howell's independence?
Because they may be coping with many losses, residents in long-term care facilities focus most of their energy and interest on?
A resident who has lost the strength and ability to easily perform everyday activities may be reluctant to attempt tasks independently.
with compliments and praise.
How can the nursing assistant help improve the resident's self esteem?
In order to motivate a resident, it's okay for the nursing assistant to point out the resident's mistakes?
Success in small goals motivates the resident to continue to strive for larger goals.
relearning to ambulate
Which of the following is an example of a larger goal of re-motivation?
In small steps
How is re-motivation best accomplished?
Re-motivation is the sole responsibility of the nursing assistant.
When a resident has the desire to do things again, the resident is
Positive reinforcement means ignoring failure and noticing and praising one's steps toward goals
We all have psychosocial needs for love and appreciation, approval and respect, and recognition.
Very few residents go through periods of anxiety and depression after being admitted to a long-term care facility.
Introduce her to staff and other residents.
Mrs. Goodwin is a new resident in a long-term care facility. What can nursing assistant do to help her feel comfortable in her new surroundings?
Pointing out a resident's failures helps him or her become more independent.
Has lost the familiarity of home and family.
A resident entering a long-term care facility?
Care should be taken to help roommates become acquainted
Residents should be talked out of any negative feelings
When assisting a resident who is being difficult, the nursing assistant should maintain a kind, considerate manner and give full attention.
Residents should be discouraged from reminiscing and should focus instead on what's going on now.
If you treat all residents as you would like to be treated, you will be meeting their psychosocial needs as best you can.
It is appropriate to express anger or hurt feelings to your residents
Actions that do not get the result we want are usually
Withdrawal, suspicion, and manipulation are some characteristic behavior of residents
Have a matter-of-fact attitude
In dealing with the manipulative person, what approach works best?
Encourage him to push himself and praise him when he does.
Mr Waston is capable of [propelling his own wheelchair, but he is constantly asking you to do it for him. What should you do?
Use firm kindness
How should the nursing assistant respond when caring for a depressed resident who refuses to get up or eat?
Report it to your supervisor
What is the best approach in dealing with combative resident?
Report it to your supervisor
If you suspect substance abuse in a resident you must?
Confusion may be either temporary or permanent?
For all residents, kindness, respect, and courtesy are always appropriate responses?
Role playing refers to playacting
Gender, relationship, and occupation are some ways roles are determined?
Which of the following is an example of a fixed role?
The roles of teacher, artist, and nurse are all
By special interest.
Both Mrs. Martin and Mrs Stewart, who are residents, love to knit and spend hours knitting homemade gifts for family and friends. In their facility these ladies are known as "the knitters." How are their roles determined?
Roles are constantly changing
How would you describe a persons role change from being well to becoming handicapped?
Relationships never change?
The best way to help an angry resident is to listen to them?
Positive reinforcement.
Noticing and complimenting well behavior is called?
About half of the cases of dementia are caused by Alzheimer's disease?
No cause of dementia are curable?
Alzheimer's disease steadily gets worse?
Complete disorientation
Which symptom is not characteristic of moderate dementia?
People with severe dementia sometimes have seizures?
In dealing with dementia, it can help to speak loudly and rapidly?
One particularly bad time of day for many people with dementia is?
Hoarding is one common form of behavior for those with dementia?
If incontinence is a problem, it can help to schedule regular visits to the toilet?
Asking the resident's name
Which technique is not a good idea to help keep a resident oriented to reality?
Sexuality applies only to young?
Touching and hugging can be part of sexuality.
Sex is too strenuous for older people?
The interest in and need for love, touching, and sexual release continues onto old age?
Lack of suitable partners
What is usually the greatest inhibiting factor to sexuality in residents in long-term care facilities?
Masturbation is a normal, healthy mean of sexual release for people who lack suitable partners?
Less vaginal lubrication and elasticity in women, and less firm erections in men can affect sexual function?
Decrease in circulation
Diabetes often causes a decline in sexual ability due to?
Assist residents with clothing, cosmetics, and grooming.
How can the nursing assistant help the residents understand and cope with sexuality?
Providing privacy for a resident's expression of sexuality is not a responsibility of the nursing assistant?
Most people eat and enjoy those foods which are familiar to them?
The food eaten in a culture is not influenced by the local geography and the foods that grow there?
The Mormon religion does not allow its members to drink alcoholic beverages, coffee, or tea?
Prepared in specified ways
Kosher foods are?
Every resident has the right to practice his or her own religion including following the dietary rules and regulations?
You cannot have religious beliefs without belonging to an organized religious party?
Sometimes it is appropriate to argue your own beliefs with the resident?
Some people find the meaning of life in nature, self-awareness, art and music?
Residents can practice their own religions but they are not allowed to have religious symbols openly displayed?
Most long-term care facilities provide religious services conducted by local clergy?
Using words such as"passed away" or "taken from us" to describe someone's death is our way of trying to soften the blow of death?
Accept them, then talk about them.
How can you work through your strong feeling about death?
When caring for a dying resident, your feelings about death have no bearing on your behavior toward the resident?
Crying is natural release for feelings of grief?
Listen to the residents who need to talk about death.
When a resident dies, how should the nursing assistant respond to the other residents?
Most people want and have a right to know when they are dying?
Provide care and understanding
When dying residents are in the depression or "poor me" stage, how should the nursing assistant respond?
Acceptance is usually one of the first stages a dying person experiences?
It is best to keep the dying resident's room dimly lit?
In providing postmortem care it is no longer necessary to treat the body with dignity?
Socialization provides information, affection and stimulation?
Socialization does not require other people?
By doing hobbies or crafts
How can the need to interact with others in a long-term care facility be met?
When residents enter a long-term care facility, changes in roles and relationships may affect their socialization.
All of the above changes
What pyhsical changes that may occur with age could affect the resident's way of socializing?
A resident's family name and relationships
It is helpful for socialization if the nursing assistant knows
There's only one right way to meet a resident's socialization needs
Suggest that residents visit with other residents.
Which of the following describe an appropriate way to encourage socialization among residents?
Unless the nursing assistant understands the resident, it will be difficult to help develop care plans for their socialization.