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  1. askew/awry (adj.)
  2. puerile (adj.)
  3. putrid (adj.)
  4. harried (adj.)
  5. genial (adj.)
  1. a turned or twisted toward one side
  2. b disgusting
  3. c troubled or bothered
  4. d childish; immature
  5. e cheerful and friendly

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  1. innocent; simple; frank; sincere
  2. bulky; short and fat
  3. highly skilled
  4. to make a make a long and difficult journey
  5. uninteresting; tiresome

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  1. erudite (adj.)learned; knowledgeable; well-read


  2. foyer (noun)an entrance hall in a building


  3. dormant (adj.)fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing


  4. sloth (noun)laziness


  5. eloquent (adj.)bulky; short and fat