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Scientific Method

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When you use one or more of your five senses to gather information about the world.
When you interpret an observation (what you think is happening at that time). You must investigate, you may be wrong.
Making an inference about a future event based on current evidence or past experiences. You must test your prediction to be sure.
Grouping together items that are alike.
Making Models
A picture, diagram, computer image or other image of an object or process.
The process of sharing ideas and information with other people. You can use writing, reading, speaking, listening or models.
Posing Questions
A scientific question can be answered by gathering evidence or by performing an experiment.
A possible explanation for a set of observations or an answer to a scientific question. It is worded: "If... then.. because....".
Design an Experiment
A step-by-step procedure that describes the observations and measurements you will make.
Any factor that can change in an experiment.
Manipulated Variable (Independent Variable)
The factor that you change in an experiment (amount of salt put into the water).
Responding Variable (Dependent Variable)
The factor that changes because of the Manipulated (Independent) Variable. What you observe or measure (time it takes water to freeze).
Controlled Experiment
An experiment in which all factors except one are kept constant (the same).
Operational Definition
A statement that describes how a variable will be measured or how a term will be described. "The water is frozen when a stick can no longer be moved from it".
Interpreting Data
The observations and measurements made during an experiment. You will analyze the data in a chart, graph or picture.
A statement that sums up what you have learned from the experiment. Did your results support your hypothesis? Do you need to repeat your experiment differently?