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Which of the following is a requirement to become a president of the United States?
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Surges in presidential popularity often occur due to...CrisesAn executive order of the presidenthas the effect of lawThe main purpose of the war powers act was torestrict the war powers of the presidentIf the president dies in office and the vice presidency is vacant, the next in line of succession is theSpeaker of the houseThe president has the authority to pardon those guilty of breaking state laws(T/F)FalseExecutive orders have the force of law and be sometimes used by presidents to make major policy decision(T/F)TruePresidents avoid "going public" because they are afraid it will make them appear undignified(T/F)FalseCrises have often triggered expansions of presidential power(T/F)TrueFDR is usually considered the founder of the modern presidency(T/F)TrueMore than half the framers who met in Philadelphia wereLawyersThe Anti-federalists felt that the national government _______.would be too distant from the people to represent their interests