Chapter 1-4 Study Guide

Study Guide for Test 1

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This branch of philosophy deals with the nature and expression of beauty
This ancient philosopher accused theatre people of promoting vice and wickedness and of being largely responsible for the corruption of his day
This ancient philosopher believed that good theatre fortifies us because it allows us to release repressed emotions in a controlled, therapeutic way
What are the five basic elements that all art have to a certain extent
structure and reaction, human creation, subject and medium
Its purpose is to reaffirm the audience's values and confirm their established belief system
Bourgeois Theatre
This type of art is created by manipulating material in space and includes sculpture, pottery, and architecture
Spatial Arts
This type of art is illustrative and includes drawing and painting
Pictorial Arts
Theatre is classified as which type of art
performing art
Entertainment generally shows us an agreeable mirror of ourselves and our ideas about how the world is or should be. True/False
The typical American spends about how many hours per year watching TV
1,632 hrs
What are actors who work primarily on stage called
Legitimate actors
Many theatre companies do not have stockholders and pay dividends or federal taxes. these theatres are known as what
Nonprofit companies
In what country does the average taxpayer pay the least of his or her tax dollars to art
Which federal agency in the US disburses tax dollars to the arts?
The National Endowment of the Art (NEA)
A playwright's pay is called what?
Royal payments
What is the legal guarantee granted by the government to an author, composer, choreographer, inventor, publisher, and/or corporation to maintain control profit from a particular creative work?
What does the term "Public Domain" mean
the state of belonging to or being available to the public as a whole not subject to a copyright
Most non-profit theatres do not cover their costs from selling tickets. On average what percentage of their cost are covered by selling tickets
This term means the values, standards, and patterns of behavior of a particular group of people?
This is an attempt to overcome all forms of discrimination, including racism, sexism, and homophobia so that people can coexist as well as perhaps achieve a pluralistic society?
Which type of theatre promotes a particular people's cultural identitty?
theatre of identity
Which type of theatre objects to the dominant culture's controls and demands that a minority culture's voice and political agenda be heard
theatre of protest
Which type of theatre mixes different cultures in an attempt to find understanding or commonality among them?
cross-culture theatre
This government agency has been at the center of this debate because its primary purpose is to give a voice to all cultures as it "increases the public awareness of our culture heritage"
For most of American theatre history whites wearing heavy "ethnic" makeup acted as African Americans, Natives, and Asians.This lead to a now discontinued form of the theatre in which white people played black people. What name was given to this form of theatre?
The 1920's and 1930's was a time when black artist,actors, poets, musicians, and writers converged upon NYC and created what was known as..
Harlem Renaissance
By the 1900's Second Avenue in NYC had so many Jewish theatres it was known as...
Yiddish Broadway
When someone attributes a generalized identity to people unlike themselves they are creating what?
Human beings have a tendency to act and react differently when they are in a group than when they are alone. This is known as...
Group dynamics
This term has to do with the audience's ability to remove themselves from a work of art just far enough so that they can contemplate it-or even judge it.
Aesthetic Distance
This type of theatre makes no attempt to offer a realistic illusion on stage, and the actors openly acknowledge the audience and sometimes even invite members to participate
Presentational theatre
The imaginary wall between the actors and audience is called...
fourth wall
This is someone's opinion of a play, which is often includes whether it is worth attending
This is a discriminating, often scholarly, interpretation and analysis of a play
Dramatic criticism
What are the six elements of a play according to Greek philosopher Aristotle
plot, character, thought, song, spectacle, and diction
Whether explicit or implicit, what is at the core of drama
Which category of theatre includes big musicals as well as comedies and dramas that are intended to be entertaining and profitable? They also contain safe themes, plenty of laughs, and spectacle designed to appeal to the majority of people thereby filling lots of seats and ideally making lots of money
Commercial Theatre
Which category of theatre is designed to support the heritage, customs, and point of view of a particular people, religion, class, country, or community?
Culture theatre
Which type of scriptwriters sell their copyrights?
Freelance Scriptwriters
If the playwright has been deceased for more than seventy years, the copyright no longer applies. What is this called?
Public domain
The word_ used to describe the collaborative nature of theatre-making
Devised theatre
We all see the world from our own point of view; and most people tend to think that their take on things, as seen through their culture, is the correct view. This is known as...
Which type of culture includes fads and fashions that dominate mainstream media, music, and art for a period of time
pop culture
In the 1990's Senator Jesse Helms tried to stop what he and other critics viewed as the NEA's "progressive agenda" with a law stating that every art grant given by the NEA has to take into consideration the general standards _ for the diverse beliefs and values of the American public
Decency and Respect
The process by which we learn about our culture by watching and imitating the behaviors of others and listening to their stories
When we go to the theatre we know what is happening on stage is not real and so we put aside our concerns and about reality and agree to accept the play's quasi-reality. What is called?
Willing suspension of disbelief
In 1737, a law was passed in England that placed the censoring of plays under the authority of the Lord Chamberlain. What was the name of this law?
Licensing Act
In 1919, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote "The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing panic. "This famous maxim has often been cited to underscore the fact that free speech is not a viable defense when such speech is used to perpetrate a fraud. What is this limitation of our freedom of speech often called
Breach of the Peace
The performance artist Ron Athey shocked the audience the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis with his performance piece based on African tribal traditions and the disease