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  1. Examples of social, cultural, and spiritual resources
  2. Companionship support
  3. Crisis intervention
  4. Virtuous spirals
  5. Life events
  1. a participation in joint activities, spending time together
  2. b friends and family; counselor or religious advisor; cultural traditions, beliefs, rituals, narratives; group/microsystems; specific programs; recreation center
  3. c immediately after the traumatic events focus on providing emotional support, practical assistance, information about coping, and encouraging later use of one's own sources of support and treatment if needed
  4. d adaptive coping may initiate this, in which resources are increased, successes build on each other, adn the stressor is transformed into a catalyst from growth
  5. e discrete, generally time-limited incidents with a beginning and an end

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  1. starting a new level of school, graduation, getting married, having a baby, retirement
  2. stressors that emerge from the status groups we belong to (SES, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity); can be related to isms
  3. ambient/chronic stressors (distal), life events, life transitions, daily hassles, disasters
  4. problem-focused/emotion-focused; individual/collective; prosocial/antisocial
  5. relatively stable conditions of the physical and social environment, the circumstances of one's life; considered distal factors and create risk for exposure to proximal stressors; dont go easily or quickly

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  1. Two major forms of social supportrelationships can be supportive and stressful; multidimensional vs unidimensional; reciprocity; density


  2. Stress and adaptation frameworkstimuli that influence various outcome states; life experiences and conditions of life; person-environment transactions reflecting external demands or circumstances; tax or exceed existing personal and social resources; vary in duration, severity, quantity, personal meaning, and point of impact; threaten or result in harm or loss


  3. Alternative settingsat times, the limitations of an agency, clinic, or other setting may be so great that citizens or professionals form an alternative setting to serve clients in a different way


  4. Personal/social-economic resourcesare more immediately related to stress and coping; include precipitating stressors such as bereavement or a natural disaster and resources activated for coping


  5. Key features of mutual help groupsvoluntary associations of persons who share some type of status, experience, difficulties