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  1. Behavior forms of problem-focused coping
  2. Emotion-focused coping
  3. Resilience
  4. Problem-focused coping
  5. Examples of material resources
  1. a strategies that address the stressor directly; active, goal-oriented strategies; most effective when the stressor is controllable
  2. b maintaining or returning to prior level of health and functioning
  3. c strategies that address the emotions that accompany the stressor, not the stressor itself
  4. d money, food, transportation
  5. e seeking information, increased effort, conflict resolution, utilizing resources

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  1. country, geographic location, sociopolitical factors, climate, population density, cultural contexts, ongoing conditions of living, social climate, relational dynamics
  2. self-help groups, mutual support groups, online mutual help groups
  3. connecting suffering to one's faith being tested, seeing failure as feedback
  4. this approach involves bringing together representatives from a local community to address issues
  5. an interlocking and cascading pattern of multiple stressors where each subsequent stressor emerges from a previous stressor

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  1. Risk processes (or factors)are correlated with problematic individual outcomes such as personal distress, mental disorders, or behavior problems


  2. Multiple role demandssimultaneous stressors emerging from having multiple roles; cumulative in nature


  3. Role-related stressorsambient/chronic stressors (distal), life events, life transitions, daily hassles, disasters


  4. Daily hasslesdiscrete, generally time-limited incidents with a beginning and an end


  5. Role conflictsociopolitical environment; social networks