10 terms

Fall List 4

a statement of two conditions which must both be true in order for the statement to be true
Consecutive Integers
integers that are 1 unit apart
Consistent Equations
simultaneous equations that have a single solution; graphs are lines that intersect at a single point
a quantity whose value does not change
Constant of Proportionality
a constant in an equation that defines the relationship of two or more variables; for example, 4 is the constant of proportionality in the equation y = 4mx
Convex Polygon
a polygon in which all interior angles have a measure less than or equal to 180
a number that is associated with a point on a graph
Coordinate Plane
a plane with a coordinate system that can be used to designate the position of any point in the plane
a geometric solid that has six identical square faces
Cubic Unit
a cube having edges that measure one unit in length