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dance technical skills gcse


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action content (travel, turn, elevation, gesture, stillness, use of different body parts, floor work, transfer of weight)
what a dancer does, eg...
dynamic content (fast, slow, sudden, sustained, acceleration, strong, light, direct, flowing, abrupt)
the qualities of movement based on variation in speed, strength and flow
spatial content (pathways, levels, directions, size of movement, patterns, spatial design)
the "where" of a movement such as...
relationship content - for duet/trio performance only (lead and follow, call and response, mirroring, contact, accumulation, formations)
the ways in which dancers interact; the connections between dancers
timing content
the use of time or counts when matching movements to sound and/or other dancers
rhythmic content
repeated patterns of sound or movement
movement in a stylistically accurate way
characteristic way of dancing