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Past Continuous


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was writing
I ___________________________ my homework. (write)
was driving
Steve ___________________________ his car home. (drive)
were looking
They ___________________________ at stars during midnight. (look)
was singing
She ___________________________ a song to her younger brother. (sing)
were packing
Their parents ___________________________ the birthday gifts for the twins. (pack)
was traveling
He ___________________________ around the world for a whole year. (travel)
were arguing
They ___________________________ about their favourite TV programme. (argue)
was walking
He ___________________________ the dog through the park near their house. (walk)
were you doing
What ___________________________ last week? (do, you)
was she talking
What ___________________________ about with you? (talk, she)
was not doing
She ___________________________ the dishes when we got home. (not do)
were not wearing
We ___________________________ our school uniforms for the party on Saturday. (not wear)
were not feeling
They ___________________________ OK after they wrote their test. (not feel)
were you shouting
Why ___________________________ on her? Did she hurt you? (you, shout)
was not swimming
I ___________________________ last week, I went cycling. (not swim)
was running
Lenka ___________________________ from the class, she felt really sick. (run)
was changing
She ___________________________ the dress because she did not like what she was wearing. (change)
were not listening
You ___________________________ to me at all! (not listen)
were laughing
They ___________________________ at the joke I just told them. (laugh)
were you holding
What ___________________________ behind your back? (you, hold)
was not running
I ___________________________ away from the class. (not be)
were doing
They ___________________________ their homework right before their bedtime. (do)
were you trying
What ___________________________ to do with that shovel? (you, try)
was looking
I ___________________________ my glasses the other night. (look)
were you hitting
Why ___________________________ him with the book? (you, hit)
was not driving
He ___________________________ that car, he is too young! (not drive)
were crying
They ___________________________ about the result of their test. (cry)
were not complaining
We ___________________________ about the test, it was too easy! (not complain)
was leaving
Anne ___________________________ when I called her. (leave)
were sleeping
The kids ___________________________ when we finally came home. (sleep)

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