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the distance north or south of the equator


the distance east or west of the Prime Meridian


half of the Earth

cardinal directions

East, West, North and South


study of the Earth


a line of latitude (another name for it)


a line of longitude (another name for it)


relative size


loss of accuracy


a way to map Earth on a flat surface

compass rose

a diagram of a compass showing direction


the section of a map that explains the symbols and colors on the map

Name the 5 themes of geography

location, regions, place, movement, and human-evironment interaction

human environment

explains how people affect their environment


explains how people, goods, and ideas move from one place to another


includes the human and physical features of a specific location


is used to group places that have something in common


explains how geographers begin to study a place

Name 2 basic questions geographers try to answer.

Where are things located? Why are they there?


Do we live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere?


Do we live in the Eastern or Western Hemisphere?

North America

Do we live in South America or North America?

latitude lines

Lines that run north and south but measure distances east and west are called

longitude lines

Lines that run north and south but measure distances east and west are called longitude lines


Latitude and longitude lines measure in units called

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