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Eric Arthur Blair

what was george orwell's real name?

danger of modern government

what was the theme of george orwells books?


attacks a serious issue by presenting it in a ridiculous light


story that can be read on more than one level because characters, objects and events represent/illustrate moral or religious principles


government characterized by a dictator and strong, aggressive nationalism


a social system or theory in which the poducers of a society possess political power and the means of producing and distributing goods


a system in which production and goods are COMMONLY OWNED/ a government system of carrying out socialism

fought in the Spanish Civil War

how were george orwells political beliefs shaped?

czar nicholas II: overthrown by people who dislike them; lived in luxury while others didnt

Who is most like Mr. Jones?

Karl Marx: wanted a socialist society; creator of idea behind revolution

Who is most like Old Major?

communism: founding principle; everyone is equal and do their share

What is most like Animalism?

Trotsky: stalin try to kill him; one of the war heroes

Who is most like Snowball?

Joseph Stalin:set up a Five Year Plan; killed people who he thought was a threat

Who is most like Napolean?

propaganda: tries to convince people to join fight; spreads false things to make the farm more successful

What is most like Squealer?

Cheka: use fear tactics; goes to fight people who oppose leader

Who is most like the dogs?

religion: always talks about heaven; calms down the animals

What is most like Moses the Raven?

Aristocrats: likes luxuries; loyal to czars

Who is most like Mollie the Horse?

Russian work force: go along with everything people say; uneducated

Who is most like Boxer and the sheep?

intellectuals: smart enough to know whats going on; keep mouth shut; skeptical

Who is most like Benjamin the donkey?

Five Year Plan: they starved soviets and animals; assigned by stalin/napolean

What is most like the Windmill?

everyone acted the same animals cant tell from man to animal. instead of making things better things got worse

What was the ironic ending of animal farm?

stalin takes over and makes everyone equal. instead of making things better things got worse

What was the ironic ending of russian revolution?

Squeaker changed the commandments like changing history

How did Squealer use propaganda?

Isayas Afewerki of Eritrea 8

Who was your dictator and where was he from? and what rank?

joined eplf. then assumed role of secretary-general. was elected president in the country's first election and didnt let any other elections happen

How did isayas afewerki come to power?

never gave up power; tried to distract people by having relationship with Ethiopia; promised to make a constitution, but never happened

How is afewerki similar to napolean

trades with nation but its largely limited to our country's export of sorgum

Did afewerki have any connections with the US

nation is one of the top abusers of press freedom. journalists are imprisoned and have poor treatment

What was afewerki's atrocity?

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