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World History Chapter 3 Test: HInduism

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What is polytheism?
belief in many gods
Name 6 polytheistic religions
1. animism
2. hinduism
3. buddhism
4. confucianism
5. daoism
6. legalism
What is the one true polytheistic religion?
What is monotheism?
belief in one god
What are 3 monotheistic religions?
1. christianity
2. judaism
3. islam
What do all 3 monotheistic religions share?
What does B.C. stand for?
Before Christ
What does A.D. stand for?
Anno Domini (year of the Lord)
What are 3 characteristics of all religions?
1. belief in higher power
2. explains the mystery of life and death
3. follow a moral code
What is Animism?
belief that all things in nature have a living spirit
What culture is common to follow Animism?
Native Americans
Who came from the steppes near the Caspian Sea?
What are 3 animals that Indo-Europeans raise?
cattle, sheep, and goats
What did Indo-Europeans tame?
Name 6 languages that Indo-Europeans spoke.
Slavic, Celtic, German, Italian, Persian, and Greek
By 2000 B.C., which group dominated southwest Asia?
Hittite empire
What did the Hittites and the Egyptians do when they clashed in battle?
decided neither would win, so they signed a peace treaty
Why were the Hittites so powerful?
excelled in technology of war
What were 2 examples of the Hittites' military technology?
1. superior chariots
2. iron weapons
Why did the Hittite empire collapse around 1190 B.C.?
great wave of invasions from the north
What were the 3 social classes of Aryans?
1. Brahmins (priests)
2. warriors
3. peasants
How did the Aryans treat Non-Aryans?
gave them the work they did not want to do
What did the Aryan kings do as they empire grew?
set up territorial kingdoms among Aryans
As Aryans struggled for land and power, what major kingdom emerged?
How was Hinduism created?
Aryans and Non-Aryans worked together to blend the different religions together to form Hinduism
What did Aryan citizens begin to question?
wealth and power held by the priests
What is Hinduism?
collection of religious beliefs, not one set of ideas
How do Hindus perceive religion?
way of liberating the soul from mistakes of everyday life
What are the Upanishads?
teacher comments that Hindus write to explain the meaning of Vedic Hymns
What are the Upanishads used for?
help students achieve liberation from desires and sufferings
What is Moksha?
when the student has a state of perfect understanding of all things
Do Hindus believe Moksha can be achieved in one lifetime?
No, a person needs to be reborn
What is reincarnation?
Hindu's belief that a person's spirit is born again until Moksha is achieved
What is karma?
good and bad deeds
How do Hindus believe karma influences people?
influences life circumstances such as one's health, wealth, or poverty
What are the 3 main gods of HInduism?
1. Brahma (Creator)
2. Vishnu (Protector)
3. Shiva (Destroyer)
What are the 3 paths that Hindus follow to achieve Moksha?
1. right thinking
2. right action
3. religious devotion
Can both men and women achieve Moksha in early life?
men can, but women need to be reborn
Where is Hinduism the dominant religion?
When do Hindus believe people receive true enlightenment?
when they free themselves from earthly desires
Why do Hindus travel to India's Ganges River annually?
purify themselves
What do Hindus celebrate every spring?
festival of Holi
What does the festival of Holi symbolize?
triumph of good over evil