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change sentence to PAST (LW)


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I take the bus.
I took the bus.
I see a movie.
I saw a movie.
I call you.
I called you.
I drink coffee.
I drank coffee.
I eat a big dinner.
I ate a big dinner.
I buy a new car.
I bought a new car.
I wait for the bus.
I waited for the bus.
I forget my ID.
I forgot my ID.
I come home late.
I came home late.
I feel sick.
I felt sick.
I wake up early.
I woke up early.
I take a shower.
I took a shower.
I watch TV.
I watched TV.
I leave my house.
I left my house.
I win the game.
I won the game.
I break my arm.
I broke my arm..
I visit my friend.
I visited my friend.
I go to New York.
I went to New York.
I lose my key.
I lost my key.
I tell you.
I told you.
I give you a present.
I gave you a present.
I drive my car.
I drove my car.
I say hello.
I said hello.
I find a new job.
I found a new job.
I hear you.
I heard you.
I make lunch.
I made lunch.
I send you an email.
I sent you an email.
I steal the money.
I stole the money.
I do my homework.
I did my homework.
I speak English.
I spoke English.

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