21 terms

Map skills -

Vertical lines that stretch from the North to the South Pole and measure longitude 0 to 180 degrees east and west
Horizontal lines that circle the globe parallel to the equator and measure latitude 0 to 90 degrees north and south
Prime Meridian
The meridian at Greenwich, England that measures 0 degrees longitude and divides east and west longitudes
The parallel at 0 degrees latitude that is equal distance from the North and South Poles and divides the Northern and Southern Hemisphere
Distance measured in degrees east and west of the prime meridian and marked with meridians from 0 to 180 degrees
Distance measured in degrees north or south of the equator and marked with parallels 0 to 90 degrees
The International Date Line
The meridian opposite the prime meridian which measures 180 degrees longitude and marks the change in the calendar day
Grid Lines
System of imaginary lines called meridians and parallels that measure locations in degrees
Compass rose
The design on a map that shows directions: N, NE,E,SE,S,SW and NW.
two sets of numbers that are used to find the position of a point on a map
Book of maps
To change the shape or sound of something so that it seems unnatural
cardinal directions
North, South, East and West
population density
The number of people in a place in relation to its area
All the plants that are found in a particular place
The height of a place (above sea level)
One half of the earth.This can be the Northern, Southern, Eastern or Western
map scale
Symbol on a map that helps show the approximate distance between two locations.
Bodies of Water
These include the oceans, lakes, rivers and seas of the world. The four major oceans are the Pacific, Arctic, Indian and Atlantic Oceans.
Natural Hazard
A threat of a naturally occurring event in nature that will have a negative effect people or the environment such as tornadoes, tsunamis or flooding.
A large landmass that is usually surrounded by water. The seven continents are North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and Antarctica