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using your 5 senses


proposed scientific explanation for a set of observations.

Spontaneous generation

life from nonlife.

Responding variable

variable that produces data

manipulated variable

dependent variable, the one that is controlled and tested.


Tells based on data if hypothesis is correct.


Conducted experiment to disprove spontaneous generation.

Louis Pasteur

Developed swan neck flask to prove disprove spontaneous generation.


well tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations.


The study of living things.

Asexual reproduction

Life from one organism.


Organisms madeup of more than one cell.


My favorite teacher.


Fairly constant internal conditions, ex. temperature.


Causes a response or movement in organisms.


All of the chemical reactions conducted within an organism to carry out life processes.


Highest level of organization in living organisms.

Metric system

Standard decimal measuring system based on multiples of 10.

Compound Microscope

Magnifies using light and 2 lenses.

Cell culture

group of cells developed from a single cell.


Logical interpretation based on prior knowledge.

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