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  1. melancholy
  2. innate
  3. exacerbate
  4. furtive
  5. symmetry
  1. a balanced proportions
  2. b exsisting from birth, inborn
  3. c depression of spirits
  4. d to aggravate, to irritate, to vex
  5. e secret in an underhanded way, stealthy

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  1. abundantly fruitful, marked by great productivity
  2. sociable and outgoing
  3. common, ordinary, lacking freshness
  4. peaceful, calm
  5. to waste time, to spend time idly, to move in a lackadaisical manner

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  1. austerestrict, stern, unadorned, ascetic


  2. venerateto honor, to revere


  3. fastidiousreflecting a meticulous or demanding attitude, critical to an extreme


  4. lethargicsluggish languid


  5. esotericstrict, stern, unadorned, ascetic