Antebellum Test


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Catholicism and slavery
What were two reasons why Mexico's President, Santa Anna, invaded Texas with 4,000 men?
The Alamo
Where did 187 Texans fight to the death to delay Santa Anna's army from marching across Texas?
before the war
What does the word, "Antebellum" mean?
Which region of the United States believed that the states should be able to govern themselves without interference from the national government?
a state's interest should take precedence over the interest of the national government
What is states' rights?
The early 1800s belief of some people that a state could vote down a federal law was known as
The movement to do away with slavery was known as
What was the northern economy based on?
What was the southern economy based on?
Which region of the country supported tariffs being placed on imported goods?
Because he wasn't a citizen, he was a slave, and he was not eligible to sue in court
Why did the U.S. Supreme Court rule against Dred Scott?
keep the balance of power in Congress equal between free states and slave states
The purpose of the Missouri Compromise was to
Missouri - slave/Maine - free
According to the Missouri Compromise, which state came in as a slave state and which came in as a free state?
popular sovereignty
The idea that the people of a territory can vote on whether they want to be a free state or slave state is known as
It permitted slavery north of Missouri's southern boundary - the Mason Dixon line
How did the Kansas-Nebraska Act change the Missouri Compromise?
Popular sovereignty was established, allowing states to vote on whether or not to have slavery; California became a free state; Fugitive Slave Law was enacted
What were the major results of the Compromise of 1850?
Require slaves that had run away to go back to their owners
The purpose of the Fugitive Slave Act was to
the Compromise of 1850
The "Georgia Platform" was a statement supporting
Abraham Lincoln
Which candidate for president of the United States in 1860 won both the electoral vote and popular vote, but without a single vote from the South?
South Carolina
Which southern state was the first to secede from the Union?
Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederacy
William Lloyd Garrison
abolitionist who published "The Liberator"
Nat Turner
slave preacher, lead slave revolt, killed 60 whittes
Harriet Tubman
helped 300 slaves escape, Underground Railroad
Frederick Douglass
former slave, abolitionist, "The North Star"
Harriett Beecher Stowe
wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
John Brown
attacked a federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry
Alexander Stephens
Vice-President of the Confederacy who argued
against Georgia secession
The argument for state's rights during the Civil War was often based on a state's right to have what
In the Dred Scott case, the US Supreme Court ruled the slaves and free blacks were not ___________________ of the US and therefore did not have the right to do what?
the Compromise of 1850
The "Georgia Platform" was a statement supporting what?
Lincoln's election in 1860
What was the final situation that plunged the US into Civil War?