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Why does school start at different times in Mexico?
Due to the high population of people
How do Spanish-speaking countries(not Mexico or Puerto Rico) grade in school?
A scale of 1-10
What is the lowest grade you may make and still pass?
How many family names does each person have in the Spanish culture?
two, the father's last name and the mother's maiden name
How does the Hispanic culture greet one another?
a hug, a kiss on the cheek when meeting and leaving, hand shake, pat on the back or arm
What is the biggest meal of the day?
lunch from 12-2
How do Spanish cultures, as well as many other cultures, use the knife and fork?
The fork is held in the left hand and knife in the right hand through the meal and never changing.
Why would you need to be familiar with the 24-hour clock system when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries?
To view schedules for planes, trains, radio, TV, movies, and sporting events.
What is 15:00? AM or PM
3:00 PM
What is 9:10? AM or PM
9:10 AM
What is 10:30? AM or PM
10:30 AM
What is 22:30? AM or PM
10:30 PM
What is 5:15? AM or PM
5:15 AM
What is 19:45? AM or PM
7:45 PM
What and when is Ephiphany (el Dia de los Reyes Magos)?
It is January 6 and when the three kings bear gifts to baby Jesus. Kids receive their gifts on this day.
What is Labor Day and when is it in Puerto Rico?
May 1 and it's a celebration of independence.
What day do Spanish cultures honor and remember people who have died?
November 2; All Soul's Day
What is the most important Hispanic holiday where they attend mass and participate in religious processions?
Good Friday & Easter in the Spring
How is Christmas celebrated?
Family attend mass and have a big dinner. They sing (carol) to friends and the friends in return offer food and drinks to them.
What holiday is celebrated on October 12?
Columbus day, a celebration of the discovery o the Americas.
When is Labor Day celebrated in Mexico?
September 16
When is Labor Day celebrated in Dominican Republic?
September 18
What holiday celebrates Mexico's victory against the French invasion?
Cinco de Mayo
What day does Puerto Rico celebrate the discovery of the island on?
November 19
Where do children have to go for activities like sports,dance, and games?
youth centers or clubs
Why is it uncommon for a teenager to go out on a date alone?
Teens like to go out in groups.
At what age can you begin dating?
Teens begin dating at age 16.
In the Hispanic culture, do your grandparents usually live with you?
Grandparents usually live with the entire family and take part in raising the children.
Why are stores closed between noon and two o'clock?
Stores close for workers to go home and eat lunch. If time allows, they can take a siesta, too!
What is the Spanish word for soccer?
What sport is becoming more and more popular in many Hispanic countries?
Baseball is becoming more popular in Hispanic countries.
In which Hispanic countries is cycling very important?
Cycling is important in Spain, Columbia, Mexico, Cuba, Chile, and Costa Rica.
What is Jai-alai?
Jai-alai is the fastest game in the world played with a hard ball and a wicker basket strapped to the wrist and played on a court with high walls.
What sport does jai-alai resemble?
Jai-alai resembles handball except for the basket.
In which countries is bullfighting a popular sport?
Mexico and Columbia are known for bullfighting.