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Cause and Effect


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Mia jumped over the rock and fell. What is the cause?
Mia jumped over the rock.
Ivan hates candy because it hurts his teeth. What is the effect?
Ivan hates candy.
As a result of practicing a lot Kevin is good at soccer. What is the cause.
Kevin practices soccer a lot.
Eric dog got lost so he put up posters. What is the effect?
Eric put up posters.
Jose ran out of pencils because he let everyone borrow them. What is the cause?
Everyone borrows pencils from him.
Robert went to the store when he ran out of food. What is the effect?
Robert went to the store.
Robert went to the store when he ran out of food. What is the cause?
Robert ran out of food.
Su May cleaned his desk after he spilled cereal on it. What is the cause?
Su May spilled milk on his desk.
Angie felt sad when Jorge yelled at her. What is the effect?
Angie felt sad.
Tristan hurt is ankle so he went to the doctor. What is the cause?
Tristan hurts his ankle.
Yered pushed Bryan onto the floor. What is the effect?
Brayan fell on the floor.
Gabriela went home early because she was sick. What was the cause?
Gabriela was sick.
Crystal was late to school due to the bus not coming on time. What was the effect?
Crystal was late to school.
Why something happens.
What happens