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20th Amendment
to stop the lame-duck president time before inauguration
21st Amendment
repealed Prohibition
22nd Amendment
Put term limits on the Presidency
Tennessee Valley Authority
was created to provide jobs and cheap electricity to rural America (Government electricity)
Brain Trust
President's Franklin Delano Roosevelt's advisors
The New Deal
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Domestic Policy (It increased the power of the Federal government
Fireside Chats were
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's technique to use the Radio to speak to the American people
Eleanor Roosevelt
She was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's wife and First Lady
Frances Perkins
1st female Cabinet member. She head the Department of Labor
What Outlined the New Deal (The 3 R's)
Relief, Recovery, and Reform
Emergency Banking Relief Act was
it authorized government inspection of banks and allowed sound banks to reopen. (Bank Holidays)
Federal Emergency Relief
It gave 500 million dollar for emergency relief to the state's needy (people in poverty)
Farm Security Administration
loaned 1 billion dollars to migrant farm workers
Civilian Corporation Corp
gave young men jobs planting trees and cleaning up parks.
Public Works Administration
created jobs building schools, roads, and bridges
Works Progress Administration
designed to create as many jobs dealing with art, writing, music, theater, and pubic art work
Prime the Pump
is to stimulate the economy by supplying it with money
National Recovery Administration
set business codes regulating wages, pricing and practices to ensure competition.
Schechter vs Poultry
It was a Supreme Court that ruled that NRA was unconstitutional because Congress could not give the President more power than those granted in the Constitutional
Agriculture Adjustment Act
it will PAY farmers for their inventory. It will pay farmers to plant less or destroy crops.
US vs. Butler
It was a US Supreme Court ruling that power to regulate the agriculture belong to the State Not the federal government. It made the AAA unconstitutional.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp
insured banks so people would not lose any savings in the events of bank failures (We are insured up to 250,000 dollars)
Social Security Act
it provided a safety net insurance for workers who are unemployed, old-age pension
Security Exchange Commission
it regulate the stock market. It prevented fraud and a stock market crash. Companies had to be truth about their stocks to investors
Norris-LaGuardia Act
It prohibited courts and government from stopping peaceful union strikes.
National Industrial Recovery Act
it allowed workers to form unions and employers could not refuse to hire a union member.
Wagner Act
It supported union and it gave union the right for collective bargaining
Dr. Frances Townsend wanted
citizens 65 or older a pension of 200 dollars a month
Father Charles Coughlin
a Catholic priest who believed the New Deal did not help the poor and many nativist loved his speech. He was Anti-Semitic.
Senator Huey Long
He believed in Shared Wealth (All American should 5,000 in homsteading and 2,500 income). He was from Louisiana.
Court Packing Scheme
FDR wanted to add more judges to Supreme Court.

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