Ch. 8 Quiz (8A-8B)

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What important property of fluids necessitated the development of fluid mechanics as an area of science separate from standard mechanics?
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How did pascal explain the bursting of the waters cask's staves and his experiment?Pascal reasoned that changes in pressure were distributed equally throughout the fluidWhat conditions must exist for Pascal's principle to be true? What real fluids seem to obey Pascal's principle fairly well?1. It must be confined 2. It must be incompressible/water like fluidsWhat do we call a mechanical device that uses a fluid to make work easier? And what principle do these devices rely?Hydraulic machines/principle of hydraulicsA simple hydraulic machine uses pistons to apply a force to a fluid and to exert a force to do work. What is one way to commute the IMA of a simple hydraulic machine?Dividing the surface area of the load piston by the surface area of the effort piston/dividing the distance that the effort piston moves by the distance that the load piston movesWhat is the most important condition that must exist for a fluid to flow? In a piping system, what other factors affect the flow of a liquid?A pressure difference between points in a fluid that is capable of flowing/the pipe size, liquid density, liquid viscosity, and how smoothly the liquid flowsAccording to Bernoulli's principle, the combination of what three properties of a liquid flowing in a pipe must be the same at all points in the pipe? What factors to prevent this principle from being extroverted true in real-world flowing liquids?Liquids pressure, kinetic energy, and potential energy/friction and liquid viscosity(True or False) A manually operated hydraulic jack applies the Bernoulli principle to amplify effort to do work.False