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To include a song on television what license is required?
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In Canada radio stations pay what for a portion of gross revenues performance royalties4.4 %In 2015, SOCANS total revenue was what?330 MillionAccording to the text, a tariff is what, a tax or a ...Payment or FeeWhich one of the following is older, ASCAP, BMI or SESAC?ASCAPWhich of the following is owned by writers and publishers, ASCAP, BMI or CSAPASCAPWhich is privately owned? ASCAP, BMI or SESACSESACEverytime a user wishes to reproduce a copy of a song, they must pay the outright owner a fee of what? (Cents per song or copy)8.1 CentsMechanicals are paid per copies of what?CD, Downloads, Videos , Ringtones even Music Boxes.CMRRA pays out after conducting what percentage or administration fees?6%What organization does the CMRRA license their services with? ASCAP, BMI or CPCCCPCCSync licenses are what? Determined by a blanket license orNegotiatedA _____ can be used to gradually increase sync fees based on earnings. Is it a performance clause, step-up clause, crescendo clause or santa clauseStep Up ClauseNeighboring rights are for whom? Songwriters, vocalists, musicians, vocalists and musicians, songwriters and musiciansVocalist and Musicians or Record CompanyWho collects neighboring rights in the previous questionsRe-SoundWho collects private copying revenue generated by the sale of blank CD's, audio cassettes, or audio tapes and similar media. (May include USB Flash drives)CPCCA manager and a personal manager are considered one in the same, true or falseTrueWhat year was the copyright act in Canada amended to acknowledge the central contribution of recording artists and record companies1997The recording artist collective society (RACS) is a division of what? ACTRA, SOCAN, etcACTRAThe musicians rights organization of Canada (MROC) is a not for profit collective that collects royalties for what? Labels, producers, songwriters, performers, etcPerformersIn an artist management contract which of the following terms are in favour of the artists? Is it music industry or entertainment industryMusic IndustryIn an artist management contract which of the following is true: The artist is exclusive to the manager, or the manager is exclusive to the artistArtist is Exclusive to The managerA _____ can insure that a manager meets certain timelines and expectations, is it performance clause, stepup clause, crescendo clause or parachute clausePerformance ClauseAccording to the artist management contract shown in class, the manager can act as a booking agent, true or false?False in California , But likely true in CanadaAccording to the artist management contract shown in class, the manager is obligated to obtain employment for the artist, true or falseFalseWhat is the role of the manager?Provide Advice , Guidance , Counsel and direction to the artist.Most managers are paid a steady hourly rate for their work, true or false?FalseAccording to the management contract shown in class, the manager is responsible for collecting or distributing funds, true or false?FalseA ______ recognizes and rewards the managers contribution law after the contract is over, is it a performance clause, stepup clause, crescendo clause, sunset clause, parachute clause, etcSunset ClauseWhich one of the following business structures has the lowest tax rate and protects the personal assets of the owner, is it sole provider, partnership, etcCorporationAccording to the artist management contract shown in class, the manager is able to sell, transfer or assign management to another party with the artists permission, true or false (can a manager get out of their contact by assigning it to someone else)TrueThe manager can claim normal costs of doing business such as ? expenses salaries, equipment, as payable by the artist, true or falseFalseAccording to lecture signing a contract without seeking legal advice is advisable if you understand the terms and are looking to save money? True or False?FalseIn an artist management contract which of the following terms is in favour of the manager; music industry, or entertainment industry?Entertainment Industry