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  1. What does Zeus do to punish Prometheus for stealing fire?
  2. How does Prometheus get fire back for the humans?
  3. What is the Jar of Evils?
  4. Which race was in Hessiod's age?
  5. What is the Feast of Mecone?
  6. Who s Deucalion's wife?

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  1. The son of Prometheus and husband of Pyrra. He survives the flood, lands on Mount Parnassas (future sight of Delphic Orcacle), prays to Themis, who tells him he is to repopulate the world by throwing stones over his shoulder. He and Pyrra have a son, Helen.Who is Deucalion? What is his story involving the flood?


  2. In one version, Prometheus creates man by mixing primeval earth and waterWhat does Zeus do to punish Prometheus for stealing fire?


  3. ZeusWho's reign coincided with the silver race?


  4. He was a friend to mankind, son of Titan (Iapetus), helps out humansIn his anger over being tricked by Prometheus at the feast of Mecone, what does Zeus do?


  5. Hope is the only "Evil" left when Pandora opens the Jar of EvilsWho is Pandora's husband? How does he play into Pandora's story?


  6. Helen; founds a tribe in Greece. People began to be known as HellenesWhat is Deucalion and Pyrra's son's name? What does he do later in life?