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  1. What is the Jar of Evils?
  2. What are the five races of humans?
  3. What is the story of Prometheus creating humankind?
  4. What is the Feast of Mecone?
  5. What is Deucalion and Pyrra's son's name? What does he do later in life?
  6. How was Prometheus involved with the Gods?

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  1. A man who tried to sacrifice his child his Zeus, which pisses off Zeus, so he sends a huge floodWhat is the Jar of Evils?


  2. He steals it in a fennel stalkHow does Prometheus get fire back for the humans?


  3. CronusWho's reign coincided with the silver race?


  4. Athena dressed her in a silvery gown, ornate crown of gold, and gave her womanly qualitiesHow is Prometheus even further punished for stealing fire? (other than Pandora)


  5. The Iron RaceWhich race was in Hessiod's age?


  6. Epimetheus. He accepts the gift of Pandora from the godsIn his anger over being tricked by Prometheus at the feast of Mecone, what does Zeus do?


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