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John Calvin

founder of the Calvinist church

Visible Saints

people who could prove that the spirit of God was inside them (Puritan thing)

Church of England

church founded by Henry VIII that Englishmen were required to join


English religious reformers with Calvinist beliefs


Puritans who wanted to leave the Church of England


ship that brought the first pilgrims to America

Myles Standish

soldier on the Mayflower who ended up as an important negotiator and fighter against the First Americans

Mayflower Compact

agreement between the pilgrims that set a precedent for later constitutions


sight of the pilgrim's colony

William Bradford

30x governor of Plymouth Bay Colony

Charles I

king of England who supported anti-Puritan action

Massachusetts Bay Colony

colony founded by non-Separatist Puritans; larger than any before; very successful

Great Migration

time in the 1630s when 70000 Puritans left England to avoid persecution

John Winthrop

19x governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony

"City Upon a Hill"

Winthrop's name for the Massachusetts Bay Colony; a covenant with God to have a holy society


adult males belonging to a Puritan congregation

Bible Commonwealth

official government of Puritan Massachusetts

John Cotton

Puritan clergyman who defended the government's duty to enforce religious rules

Protestant Ethic

serious commitment to work and engage in worldly pursuits

Anne Hutchinson

Massachusetts woman who disagreed with Puritan church and was exiled


the idea that those truly saved do not need to follow the laws of God or man

Roger Williams

clergyman who criticized Puritans; founded the first Baptist church in America

Thomas Hooker

man who led the first group of Puritans to Connecticut

Fundamental Orders

Connecticut River Colony constitution; had elements of a regular constitution


First American who at first facilitated arrangements between First Americans and Puritans


First American chieftain who signed initial peace with Puritans

Pequot War

war with First Americans that ended with the annihilation of the First American tribe

Praying Towns

places First Americans were brought by Puritans to learn English religion and culture


Massasoit's son who headed King Philip's War

King Philip's War

pan-Indian War against Puritans

The Scarlet Letter

book where an adulterer is convicted

Harvard College

school started by Massachusetts Puritans; oldest college in America

Town Meetings

when Puritans got together and voted on issues, etc.

Half-Way Covenant

law that allowed baptism of unconverted members of the church

Leisler's Rebellion

3 year rebellion in New York sparked by fights between landholders and merchants

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