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Chapter 2 Ancient Egypt


Spot of rapid waters in a river


Area of fertile soil at a rivers end.


A reed plant, used in papermaking


Ancient Egyptian writing system using picture symbols


A line of rulers from one family


Egyptian king


God or goddess


Mummy-making process.


Body preserved by wrapping


Mountain like stone structure


Forced payments


A material burned for its pleasant smell


Grassy plains in Africa


She ruled the dead with her husband Osiris.


Largest desert in the world.


Baboon headed god, he ruled the Nile river.

King Khufu

Had the Great Pyramid built for him.

Middle Kingdom

Golden age of prosperity, achievement and stability in Egypt.


The Egyptians called their land "the black land"


First female pharaoh who concentrated on building the Egyptian economy. She was more interested in trade than conquest.

Nile River

Worlds longest river; over 4000 miles.


A bucket with a long pole, used to lift water from the Nile River.

Ramses II

Reigned 66 years, rebuilt the empire built many new temples during the New Kingdom period.

Amenhotep IV

He later changed his name to Akhenaton, abandoned the old system of worship and begin worshiping only one god, Aton.

Thutmose III

He was Hatshepsut nephew, He expanded Egypt north to the Euphrates and south to Nubia. Under his rule Egypt controlled more territory than ever.


He was the son-in-law of Akhenaton and inherited the throne at the age of 10.


By 540 B.C. Kush's rulers moved their capital here and set up royal court there in order to be away from the Assyrians.

King Kashta

He was a Kushite king won started to take control of Egypt and later his son finished the job.


He led an uprising and his reign began the time known as the New Kingdom.


Also know as Menes, he is credited with uniting Upper and Lower Egypt.

Kingdom of Kerma

Gradually took over we weaker villages and created his kingdom, which became the most powerful Nubian village.


Found a dynasty that ruled both Egypt and Kush from Napata. He was the son of King Kashta.


The Kush built white sandstone temples, monuments and Piye ruled from here.

Great Pyramid

Is guarded by a stone lion king called sphinx. It is 480' tall, it took more than 2 million limestone blocks to make it. It was built 4,500 years ago by King Khufu.

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