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Los paises andinos


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Capital de Venezuela
Salto Ángel
Famous waterfall, 6th largest national park in the world; Venezuela
el Bolívar fuerte
Venezuelan money
Los Concursos de Belleza
Super important in Venezuela, start from a young age, helps women escape poverty that envelops Venezuela, Miss Universe 7 times from Venezuela
El petróleo
Main export from Venezuela
El béisbol
Most popular sport in Venezuela
La escasez de artículos
Shortage of literally everything means literally everyone is in poverty and doesn't have basic essentials
Capital de Colombia
el peso Colombiano
Colombian Money
La Catedral de Sal
Salt mine turned into a cathedral in Colombia
Las esmeraldas
70-90% of the world's emeralds come from Colombia
Colombians drink lots of black coffee called un tinto and it's one of its main exports
Colombia has one of the most diverse populations of bird species in the world
A guerrilla military group of poor people who were angry at the government and eventually just grew out of hand; full name is Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
La cocaína
Colombia has a problem with people smuggling drugs, mainly cocaine out of the country
Capital de Ecuador
Quito, which is the 2nd highest capital in the world
El dólar
Ecuador has the same currency as the US
The biggest market in Latin America
An active volcano in Ecuador
Ecuador is the primary exporter of plantains in the world
Capital de Perú
Nuevo Sol
Currency of of Peru
Las ruinas de los Incas
Some ruins of the Incan people are in Ecuador, though more are in Peru
Las Islas Galapagos
The Galapagos Islands are located off the coast of Ecuador
The capital of the Incan empire and is in Peru
Macchu Picchu
A significant mountain for the Incans, and is a protected area in Peru
Las líneas de Nazca
Geometric lines that are huge and make figures that can only really be seen from the sky; aliens are thought to have created them in Peru
El Lago Titicaca
Where supposedly on two islands in the lake, the Incans say the sun and the moon were born here; also the highest lake in the world in Peru
El cuy y ceviche
Two foods of Peru, cuy is guinea pig, and is the national dish of Peru
Many Japanese people live in Peru
Los capitales de Bolivia
La Paz y Sucre, with La Paz being the highest capital in the world (also called the city that touched the sky)
El Mercado de las brujas
The market of the witches, where they sell voodoo stuff, located in Bolivia
Ley de Derechos de la Madre Tierra
Mother Earth has rights and laws in Bolivia, and plays a large part of culture in Bolivia
El camino a los Tungas/ La carretera de la muerte
The most dangerous road in the world, is 50 miles long, and is the only road that connects the Amazon region to La Paz in Bolivia
El Tío y Pachamama
El Tío is the protecter of the underworld, and Pachamama is mother earth, two god in Bolivia
Currency of Bolivia
Capital de Chile
Currency in Chile
La Isla de Pascuas
Easter Island, where hundreds of moai statues are located. Scientists can't figure out how they got them standing, In Chile
El desierto Atacama
Driest desert in the world, 1 mm of rain each year, In Chile
Over 2,000 volcanoes in Chile, with 500 active
Actividad sísmica
There's a lot of earthquakes in Chile
Chile is the 2nd largest producer of salmon
Chile is in the top 10 producers of wine
Capital de Argentina
Buenos Aires
Peso argentina
Currency of Argentina
Argentina consumes the second largest amount of meat
Los gauchos
Cowboys in Argentina
El Mate
The national drink of Argentina
La Avenida 9 de julio
Widest street in the world, and has 16 lanes
Evita Peron
A first lady in Argentina who did a lot for women's rights in Argentina
Las Cataratas del Iguazú
One of the 7 natural wonders of the world