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What is the proper sequential order of development for the acquisition of nonlocomotor skills?
Stretch, bend, sit, shake, turn, rock & sway, swing, twist, dodge, fall
What is the proper order of sequential development for the acquisition of locomotor skills?
Crawl, creep, walk, run, jump, hop, gallop, slide, leap, skip; step hop
The two main categories of __ are knowledge of performance and information about the performance.
Extrinsic Feedback
Which movement concept involves students making decisions about object's positional changes in space?
Spatial awareness
Applying the mechanical principles of balance, time, and force describes what movement concept?
Effort awareness
There are two sequential phases to the development of spatial awareness. What is the order of these phases?
The location of objects in relation to one's own body in space; locating more than one object in relation to each object and independent of one's own body.
Process assessment does not identify which of the following errors in skill performance.
End result
Which of the following principles is not a factor to assess to correct errors in performance for process assessment?
Instructors can assess skill level achievement in bowling by:
Calculating a student's average score
A subjective, observational approach to identifying errors in the form, style, or mechanics of a skill is accomplished by:
Process assessment
What type of assessment objectively measure skill performance?
Product Assessment
Determining poor performance of a skill using process assessment can best be accomplished by:
Observing several attributes comprising the entire performance of a skill.
Which of the following methods measures fundamental skills using product assessment?
Criterion-referenced test and standardized norm-referenced tests
Product assessment measures all of the following except?
How a student performs the mechanics of a skill
Having students pretend they are playing basketball or trying to catch the bus develops which locomotor skill?
Having students play Fox and Hound develops:
Having students take off and land with both feet together develops which locomotor skill?
Which nonlocomotor skill entails movement around a joint where two body parts meet?
A sharp change of direction from one's original line of movement is which nonlocomotor skill?
Which manipulative skill uses the hands to stop the momentum of an object?
Activities such as pretending to pick fruit off a tree or reaching for the starts develop which nonlocomotor skill?
Picking up coins, tying shoes, and petting animals develop this nonlocomotor skill.
To enhance skill and strategy performance for striking or throwing objects, for catching or collecting objects, and for carrying and propelling objects, students must first learn techniques for:
Controlling objects
Coordinated movements that project a person over an obstacle is:
Using the same foot to take off from a surface and land is which locomotor skill?
All of the following are parts of the sequence of an overhand throw movement except:
A hyperextension
Having students collapse in their own space or lower themselves as though they are a raindrop or snowflake develops this nonlocomotor skill:
Which is the proper sequential order of development for the acquisition of manipulative skills?
Striking, throwing, kicking, ball rolling, volleying, bouncing, catching and trapping
Having students hit a large balloon with both hands develops this manipulative skill?
Progressively decreasing the size of a target that balls are projected at develops which manipulative skill.
Hitting a stationary object while in a fixed position then incorporating movement, develops which manipulative skill:
Playing Simon Says and having students touch different body parts applies which movement concept?
Body Awareness
The ability to change rapidly the direction of the body is:
Having students move on their hands, move on lines, and hold shapes while moving develops which quality of movement?
Students that paddle balls against a wall or jump over objects with various heights are demonstrating which quality of movement?
Having students move in a specific pattern while measuring how long they take to do so develops which quality of movement?
Equilibrium is maintained as long as:
The center of the gravity is over the base of support
Which of the following does not enhance equilibrium?
Shifting the center of gravity away from the direction of movement
All of the following affect force except?
For movement to occur, applied force must overcome inertia of an object and any other resisting forces. What concept of force does this describe?
The energy of an object to do work while recoiling is which type of potential energy?
Gradually decelerating a moving mass by utilization of smaller forces over a long period of time is:
Force absorption
The tendency of a body/object to remain in its present state of motion unless some force acts to change it is which mechanical principle of motion?
The movement response of a system depends not only on the net external force but also on the resistance to movement change. Which mechanical principle of motion does this definition describe?
Which of the following mechanical principles of motion states that every motion has a similar, contrasting response?
Activities that enhance team socialization include all of the following except?
Some students practicing basketball are having difficulty with "free throws", even though the shots make it to and over the hoop. What adjustment will improve their "free throws"?
Vertical path of the ball
An archery student's arrow bounced off the red part of the target face. What is the correct ruling?
7 points awarded
A student playing badminton believed that the shuttlecock was going to land out of bounds. The shuttlecock lands on the line. What is the correct ruling?
The shuttlecock is in bounds.
A mechanical pinsetter accidentally knocked down the only bowling pin left standing for a spare attempt after clearing all the other pins knocked down by the first ball thrown. what is the correct ruling?
No count for that pin
The ball served in racquetball hits the front line and lands in from of the short line. What it the ruling?
Two opposing soccer players are trying to gain control of the ball when one player "knees" the other. What is the ruling?
Direct free kick
Two students are playing badminton. When receiving the shuttlecock, one student consistently stands too deep in the receiving court. What strategy should the server use to serve the shuttlecock?
Short serve
A basketball team has an outstanding rebounder. In order to keep this player near the opponent's basket, which strategy should the coach implement?
Zone defense
When a defensive tennis player needs more time to return to his position, what strategy should he apply?
Lob shot
An overhead badminton stroke used to hit a forehand like overhead stroke that is on the backhand side of the body is an:
around the head shot
A maneuver when an offensive player passes to a teammate and then immediately cuts in toward the basket for a return pass is:
Give and go
A bowling pin that remains standing after an apparently perfect hit is a:
A soccer pass from the outside of the field near the end line to a position in front of the goal is a:
Although they are still hitting the target, the score of some students practicing archery has decreased as the distance between them and the target is increased. Which of the following adjustments will improve their score?
Increased the parabolic path of the arrows
A volleyball that opponents simultaneously contact and momentarily hold above the net is an:
Held ball
Volleyball player LB on team A digs a spiked ball. The ball deflects off LB's shoulder. What is the ruling?
Legal Hit
Instructors can evaluate skill level of achievement in archery by:
Totalling a student's score obtained on the target's face
Instructors can determine skill level achievement in golf by:
The score obtained after several rounds
Social skills and values developed by activity include all of the following except:
Winning at all costs
The sense of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body is/are called:
_________ education should always accompany the _____________ practice of the activity.
Cognitive, physical
Modern, jazz, ballet, hiphop, and ballroom are just some of the types of _________ students can physically study?
Instructors can determine skill level achievement in swimming by:
How many strokes it takes a students to swim a specified distance
An instructor notices that class participation is much lower than expected. By making changes in equipment and rules, the instructor applied which of the following concepts to enhance participation?
Activity modification
A teacher who modifies and develops tasks for a class is demonstrating knowledge of which appropriate behavior in physical education activities:
Appropriate content behavior
Using tactile clues is a functional adaptation that can assist which type of students?
Blind students
Physiological benefits of exercise include all of the following except?
Reducing mental tension
Psychological benefits of exercise include all of the following except?
Improved energy regulation
The most important nutrient the body requires without which life can only be sustained a few days, is:
Which of the following conditions is not associated with a lack of physical activity?
Longer life expectancy
Data from assessing ____________ indentifies an individual's potential of developing musculoskeletal problems and an individual's potential of performing activities of daily living.
The ability for a muscle(s) to repeatedly contract over a period of time is:
Muscular endurance
Working at a level that is above normal is which exercise training principle?
Students on a running program to improve cardiorespiratory fitness apply which exercise principle:
Prior to acitivty, students perform a 5-10 minutes warm-up. Which is not recommended as part of the warm-up?
Using a gradual anaerobic warm-up
Which is not a benefit of warming up?
Releasing hydrogen from myoglobin
Which is not a benefit of cooling down?
Removing myoglobin
Activities to specifically develop cardiovascular fitness must be:
Performed without developing an oxygen debt
Which of the following overload principles does not apply to improving body composition?
Aerobic exercises three times per week
Which of the following principles of progression applies to improving muscle endurance?
Lifting weights at 20 - 30% of assessed muscle strength.
Overloading for muscle strength includes all of the following except?
Raising heart rate to an intense level
Adding more reps to a weightlifting set applies which exercise principle?
Cardiovascular fitness refers to:
the ability to perform moderate to high intensity exercise for a prolonged period of time
Instructors can encourage students to self-assess physical education progress by employing:
All of the above
All of the following elements are a quality cardiovascular fitness program except?
Swimming does not improve which health or sill related component of fitness?
Foot speed
Which of the following does not modify overload?
Perceived exertion
Using the Karvonean Formula, computer the 60-80% THR for a 16 year old student with a RHR of 60. (7.3)
146-175 beats per minute
Using Cooper's Formula, compute the THR for a 15 year old student:
123-164 bpm
(220-AGE) x .6 to (220 - AGE) x .8
Freehand front lunges will help an individual target muscle endurance in which of the following muscle groups:
Thighs and hamstrings
Students are performing trunk extensions. What component of fitness does this activity assess?
Which of the following applies the concept of progression?
Beginning a stretching program holding stretches for 15 seconds and work up to holding for 60 seconds
A tendon is:
A tough band of fibrous connective tissue that connects muscles to bone or muscle to muscle.
This form of workout promotes muscular endurance development but is more taxing than the average workout program:
Circuit training
With regard to protein content, foods from animal sources are usually:
Fats with room for two or more hydrogen atoms per molecule-fatty acid chain are:
An adequate diet to meet nutritional needs consists of:
No more than 30% caloric intake from fats, no more than 15% caloric intake from proteins and at least 55% caloric intake of carbs.
Maintaining body weight is best accomplished by:
Equalizing caloric intake relative with output
Electronic impedance, a technique that estimates body fat percentage, uses this tool to measure the conductive potential of the body:
Bioimpendence meter
What is not a sign of stress:
Which is not a common negative stressor?
Landing a new job
Which of the following is a negative coping strategy for dealing with stress?
Most high protein diets:
High in cholesterol, high in sustained fats, require vitamin and mineral supplements
Which of the statements about low calorie diets is false?
They make weight control easier
Through physical activities, John has developed self discipline, fairness, respect for others, and new friends. John has experienced which of the following?
Positive group psycho-social influences
Which of the following psycho-social influences is not negative/
Adherence to exercise
Aerobic dance develops or improves each of the following skills or health components except:
The most effective way to promote the physical education curriculum is to:
Relate physical education to the total educational process
This method refers to instructional method when teachers address the whole class through lecture, demonstration, or questioning.
Cognitive structuring
Rowing develops which health or skill related component of fitness?
Muscle endurance
Calisthenics develops all of the following health and skill related components of fitness except?
Which health or skill related components of fitness are developed by rope jumping?
Educators can evaluate the cognitive domain by all of the following except:
Willis sports inventory tests
Students are performing the vertical jump. What component of fitness does this activity assess?
Which of the following body types is the most capable of motor performance involving endurance?
Although Mary is a paraplegic, she wants to participate in some capacity in the physical education class. What federal legislative act entitles her to do so?
PL 94-142
Movement activities promote fairness, equity and diversity because they consider this type of individual development:
Psychological and human growth
An instructor used a similar movement from a skill learned in a different activity to teach a skill for a new activity. The technique used to facilitate cognitive learning was:
Transfer of learning
Long-Term planning is essential for effective class management. Identify the management techniques not essential to long-term planning.
Parental observation
Which of the following is not a class management technique?
Explaining conditioning
The physical education philosophy based on experience is:
The modern physical education philosophy that combines belief from different philosophies is;
A physical education teacher emphasizes healthy attitudes and habits. She conducts her classes so that students acquire and interpret knowledge and learn to think, which is necessary for physical activities. The goals and values utilized and the philosophy applied by the instructor is:
Cognitive development goals and idealism philosophy
The affective domain of physical education contributes to all of the following except:
Knowledge of exercise, health and disease
An obese students fitness assessment were poor for every component of fitness. Which would you recommend first?
A walking program
All of the following are systematic observation evaluations except:
Reflective recording
While studying the social science, students might:
Examine the interactions between groups in competitive team-based games
A legal wrong resulting in a direct or an indirect injury is:
A tort
A phsyical education teacher anticipates and prevents potential injuries, watches for hidden injuries, and takes an injury evaluation of the entire class. Which of the following strategies is the teacher demonstrating?
Partipant screening
Which of the following is not a consideration for the selection of a facility?
Community involvement
All of the following actions help avoid lawsuits except:
Grouping students with unequal competitive levels
Which of the following actions does not promote safety?
Allowing students to wear the current style of shoe
Which of the following sequences displays the correct order for performing CPR?
Call 911, Tilt head lift chin and check breathing, give two breaths, position hands in center of chest, firmly push down two inches on the chest 15 times