Physical Education


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Heat Stroke
is a warning that your body is over heating during exercise.
Aerobic Exercise
is an exercise (with oxygen) that improves the body's cardiovascular system by increasing your oxygen rate.
Cardiorespiratory endurance
is the ability of the body's circulatory and respiratory systems to supply NUTRIENTS and oxygen during sustained or prolonged period of physical activity.
is the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance
is your involvement in any activity that concerns other people when your involvement is not wanted.
is the way you hold an object.
is a study and analysis of athletes and movements where skills can be broken down to analyze and improve skills or prevent injuries through technology.
Lactic Acid
is a chemical compound that plays a role in several biochemical processes. It is the acid that gives old milk its sour taste, and it accumulates in skeletal muscles after extensive exercise, causing muscle pain.
Ready Position
A position in which your body is able to react to an action (a football, volleyball, whistle) in a faster time.
Spatial Awareness
is the ability to be aware of oneself in space. It is the knowledge of other people or objects in relation to your own space.
is the act of predicting future outcomes before it happens.
When an illegal play happens, the ball is rewarded to the other team.
When your team gets the ball back after losing a point.
Your team gets a point each time the ball lands on the line and or the ground on the opposite side of the net.
Line of scrimmage
the point at which the ball will start, and the defense cannot cross until 5 mississippi.
Incomplete pass
When the quarterback throws the ball to a person, but they do not catch the ball.
When the other team catches the ball on defense.
When the person's whole body crosses the end zone line with the ball.
Throw off
This starts the game off and restarts the game if a touchdown is scored.
Goalie Crease
no one can step into this area but the goalie.
Safety zone
People should be sent here when showing unsportsmanlike conduct.
The sport I like to play the most
The sport Ms. Finegan likes to play the least
San Jose Sharks
A team I root for in California
What school did Ms. Tran and Ms. Dong go to?
New York
What state is Ithaca located in?
What kind of pet does Ms. Finegan have?
Ms. Tran has a cat named?
Harry Potter
Mrs. Chacon love to read what type of books?
A forearm pass
A bump in volleyball can also be called?
In this hit, you make a triangle with your thumbs and pointer finger, and make contact with the side of the ball only using your finger tips.
Dominate hand
The hand you feel most comfortable using.
Ms. Finegan
Was not a good student in middle school and often got told she was a social butterfly (talks a lot) in class.
New Warriors Star
"Work" singer from Barbados
Mannequin Challenge
Steve Rogers
A captain in America
Songs like "Fire", "I NEED U," and "Blood Sweat & Tears"
Christiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid's superstar
Lionel Messi
Barcelona's soccer star
Colin Kaepernick
49ers QB
Pikachu, Charizard, Dragonite
Taking a picture of yourself
Justin Timberlake
Sings "Can Stop The Feeling"
Newest Album is "Lemonade"
Ms. Billmaier
Loves to tell a lot of stories in class.
Ms. Billmaier
Ran herself over with her brothers go kart.
Mr. Pham
Swam with sea turtles and dolphins over the break.
Ms. Donnelly
Used to teach on an Indian Reservation.
This schools mascots is trees.
Ms. Lam
Loves going to Disney all the time!
Ms. Finegan
Once got a thumb tack stuck in her elbow.
Ms. Lam
is not very good at parallel parking
Denver Broncos
Won last years Super Bowl
Chicago Cubs
Won last years World Series.
New York Yankees
Won 27 World Series.
The only country Mr. Maguire has not lived in.
Ms. Dongs favorite color
Mr. Chambers played this semi-pro sport in Spain.
Ms. Kenny
Got married at the beginning of the school year.
Ms. Ulloa
Loves elephants
Mr. Chambers
Always gets sent to the safety zone when they play in PE.
New England Patriots
Will lose the Super Bowl if they make it that far.