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For what was Wally Amos famous for?
Chocolate Chip Cookies
First black astronaut that never made it into space (1967)
Robert H. Lawrence, Jr.
First black astronaut to travel in space (1983)
Guion Bluford
In 1912, he built an auditorium on Oak Street, a cultural and civic center for the black community.
Joseph C. McGraw
He was the first black doctor to practice medicine in Waycross
Dr. O C. Wynn
He owned and operated the oldest and largest black owned caste factory in the world.
Thomas C. Williams
The father of modern prenatal care in the state of Georgia.
Dr. Obadiah C. Wynn
In 1926, he operated the first black owned service station in Georgia..
Nicholas E. Fluker, Sr.
In what year did Frederick Jones invent refrigeration for transport trucks?
What did J.L. Love invent and in what year?
The pencil sharpener, in 1897
Who invented the mechanical seed planted in 1834 and the mechanical corn harvester in 1836?
Henry Blair
Who invented the eggbeater?
W. Johnson
Who invented the automatic car-coupling device?
Andrew Beard
Elijah Saunders, an eminent Baltimore doctor, published numerous articles on hypertension. What's the common name of the disease?
High blood pressure
Percy Lavon Julian played an important role in bringing what arthritis drug to the public?
Golfers play with it all the time. Who invented the golf tee?
G.F. Grant
Who is famous for his research on sickle cell anemia?
Dr. Roland Scott
What African American invented the railway telegraph?
Granville T. Woods
Who assisted Admiral Robert E. Peary in the discovery of the North Pole?
Matthew Henson
What did George Washington Carver use to develop shaving cream, paper, ink, rubbing oil, synthetic rubber, and instant coffee?
The cash register was invented by what African American?
F.A. Hyler
W. A. Martin patented what security device?
Door Lock
What African American invented the stop light?
Garrett Morgan
What African American inventor patented the hearing aid?
Harry Hopkins
Who became a millionaire with her hair products and design of the hot-comb for black hair?
Madame C.J. Walker
African-American slaves practiced "variolation," a technique consisting of transplanting the scabs or pus of smallpox victims into open wounds of healthy people to enable the latter to develop an immunity. Variolation was therefore a forerunner of what modern medical practice?
Name the inventor of the device that, beginning in 1794, vastly increased the demand for slave labor in the southern United States.
Eli Whitney (the cotton gin)
Best known for his work with blood plasma, this man helped set up the American Red Cross blood bank and established the first blood bank in England?
Dr. Charles Drew
In 1978, the Supreme Court ruled about a Caucasian man who was denied admission to a medical school that had admitted black candidates with weaker academic credentials. Name this plaintiff who said he had been the victim of discrimination.
Allan Bakke
Who invented the gas mask?
Garrett Morgan
Who invented the air conditioner?
Frederick M. Jones
Who created the Almanac?
Benjamin Banneker
Who created the first electric light bulb?
Lewis Latimer
Who created the first golf tee?
Dr. George Grant
Who created the wooden clock?
Benjamin Banneker
Who invented the ironing board?
Sarah Boune
Who was the first black to receive a Ph.D?
Edward Bouchet
Who invented the artificial heart pacemaker?
Otis Boykin
Who invented the street sweeper truck?
Charles Brooks
Who was the first surgeon to successfully separate twins by the brain?
Ben Carson
Who is the first black American woman with a Ph.D in chemistry?
Marie Daly
Who invented the Super Soaker?
Lonnie Johnson
Who invented the refrigerated truck system?
Frederick Jones
Who has the patent for a hot comb?
Walter Sammons
Who performed the first successful open-heart surgery in the US?
Daniel Williams
Who is the first African-American woman to receive a doctorate degree in zoology?
Roger Young
Who created the shoe assembly machine?
Jan Matzeliger
Who is the first African-American woman to receive a patent in the US?
Sarah Goode
Who created the lubricator for steam engines?
Elijah McCoy
Who was the first researcher to prove that insects can hear?
Charles Henry Turner
What type of anemia is a genetic disease commonly found among people of African descent?
Sickle Cell Anemia
Who was the first black nurse in the U.S. Army?
Nancy Leftenant
In 1721, medical advice from a slave named Oneissimus was heeded during an epidemic of what disease?
Who invented developed the foil electret microphone, which is used in baby monitors and camcorders?
James West
Who is credited with being the first African-American to hold a U.S. patent?
Thomas Jennings
What did Granville Woods create?
A telegraph that allowed trains to have communication between each other
This engineer created electronic control devices for guided missiles.
Otis Boykin
This African American nuclear engineer invented the far ultraviolet electrographic camera, used in 1972 Apollo 16 mission.
George Carruthers
His portable air conditioner was used in WWII to preserve medicine and blood serum.
Frederick Jones
This man revolutionized the whaling industry with his invention of the toggle harpoon in 1848
Lewis Temple
He was the first person to patent a fire extinguisher in 1872.
Thomas J Martin
He was an engineer who performed spacecraft system design for NASA
Lonnie Johnson
He was the second African American to receive a patent.
Henry Blair
He created the heating system for New York City's Radio City Music Hall.
David Croshwait Jr.
She was the first professional African American sculptor
Edmonia Lewis
Who invented the sugar refining system that revolutionized the making of sugar in 1846?
Norbett Rillieux
What did J. T. White invent in 1896?
Lemon Squeezer
Who invented the pacemaker and the guide missile?
Otis Boykin
What did Sarah Boone invent?
The ironing board
Who invented the printing press?
W. Lavallette
Who invented the fire extinguisher?
Tom J. Marshall
Who invented the home security system?
Marie Brown
Who invented the folding bed?
L. C. Bailey
What did Maurice W. Lee invent?
A pressure cooker
What did John Burr invent?
Lawn Mower
Who invented the train alarm?
R. Butler
Who invented peanut butter, paints, and satins?
George Washington Carver
Who invented the super soaker?
Lonnie Johnson
What did George Cook invent?
Automatic fishing reel
What two things did O. Dorsey invent?
Doorstop and doorknob
Who invented the guitar?
Robert Flemming , Jr.
Who invented the toilet?
T. Elkins
B.F. Jackson invented what type of burner?
Gas Burner
Did Lyda Newman invent the hairbrush or the tooth brush?
What did W.B. Purvis invent?
Fountain pen
Who invented the baby buggy?
W.H. Richardson
Henry Sampson invented what?
Cellular phone
Who invented the curtain rod?
S.R. Scottron
Who invented the lawn sprinkler?
J.W. Smith
What did Granville T. Woods invent?
Telephone transmitter, electric cutoff, relay instrument, telephone system, galvanic battery, electric railway system, roller coaster, and the auto air brake
Who invented the video commander and the remote controllers?
Joseph N. Jackson
Who was the creator of Black History Month?
Carter G. Woodson
In 1803, the Lewis and Clark expedition explored the Louisiana Territory. Which of the two brought his slave along with him, and name the slave.
Clark; William Clark
What scientist experimented with injections of Vitamin C in cats and dogs in order to find a cure for epilepsy?
Wendell Belfield
What system did Robert Shurney develop that was used aboard a Skylab space mission?
Waste management system
Who invented the rising saddle for horses?
W.D. David
What Black American physician was referred to as "The principal historian of the Negro in medicine" in 1970?
W. Montague Cobb
St. Elmo Brody, the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in chemistry in America, received his degree from what school in 1916?
University of Illinois
Prior to Joseph Lee's bread making invention, how many people were needed to produce the same amount of loaves per day?
Where was George Washington Carver's laboratory?
Tuskegee Institute, Alabama