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Daniel Ellsberg
Employee of the Pentagon who leaked falsified reports of Vietnam to the NY Times.
Malcolm X
African American leader who was a spokesperson for the Nation of Islam, advocated Black Separatism, until a trip to Mecca made him support desegregation.
Warren Burger
He was Richard Nixon's appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice who ruled in Roe v. Wade.
Sam Ervin
Sam Ervin was a senator from North Carolina. He was chairman of the Senate Select Committee to Investigate Presidential Campaign Practices during the Watergate scandal.
Stokely Charmichal
Former member of SNCC who coined the phrase "Black Power".
Mario Savio
Student leader of the "Free Speech Movement" in Berkeley CA.
James Meredith
Air force veteran who, at the age of 29, attended "Ole Miss" with the aid of 400 US Marshals and 5000 soldiers to protect him.
Rachel Carson
Early environmental activist who wrote the book "Silent Spring"
John Dean
He served as White House council to Richard Nixon and his testimony at the Watergate Hearings implicated the President and White House officials in obstruction of justice.
Leonid Breznev
Leader of the USSR who met with President Nixon and also ordered the Soviet invasion of
Gerald Ford
Upon becoming President he granted Richard Nixon a full pardon. He is also known for coining the phrase W.I.N. (whip inflation now!)
George Wallace
Governor of Alabama who ran for President with the American Independent Party in 1968.
Barry Goldwater
Republican Candidate for President in 1964.
Robert McNamara
Secretary of Defense for Lyndon Johnson during the Vietnam War
Hubert Humphrey
He was Vice President of Lyndon Johnson who ran for President on the Democratic ticket in
Eugene McCarthy
1968 Democratic candidate for President who ran to succeed Lyndon B Johnson on an anti-war platform.
Bobby Kennedy
Former Attorney General who was assassinated during a Presidential Campaign in 1968
Ralph Ellison
African American author of "The Invisible Man".
Tennessee Williams
Wrote a series about psychological misfits trying to hold themselves together amidst the disintegrating forces of modern life: A Streetcar Named Desire.
Arthur Miller
Famous Playwright who wrote "Death of a Salesman", and "The Crucible".
Nikita Khrushchev
He was the leader of the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile crisis.
Gaylord Nelson
Wisconsin Senator who helped create Earth Day in 1970.
Elvis Presley
Famous Rock n roll musician who combined bluegrass , country and r&b.
Henry Kissinger
Richard Nixon's Secretary of State who was the architect behind the peace agreement with North Vietnam.
James Dean
Teen movie star of the 1950's who was the lead in "Rebel without a Cause".
Earl Warren
Attorney General of California who enforced internment camps during WWII, later served as Chief Justice on Brown V. Board of Ed case.
Gloria Steinem
Head activist of the feminist movement in the 1960's and 70's she will found the National Organization of Women.
Betty Friedan
Feminist author of the Feminine Mystique
Black Panthers
African American rights organization that formed near the late 1960's and urged African Americans to arm themselves.
African American civil rights organization made up of students practicing non-violent protests like sit-ins in Greensboro North Carolina.
Civil Rights organization created during World War II known as the Congress of Racial Equality.
African American Civil Rights organization founded by Martin Luther King. This was based on
the African American churches in the south.
Feminist Organization that advocated an constitutional amendment that granted Equal Rights.
Name for the fundraising committee designed to re-elect President Nixon in 1972.
Native American Civil Rights Organization that was active in the early 1970's
This organization will lead an embargo on the United States that will cause the price of gas to triple overnight.
JD Sallinger
Author of the classic portrait of 1950's adolescence, Catcher in the Rye.
Medgar Evers
Leader of the Mississippi NAACP who was killed on the same night JFK delivered his speech promoting Civil Rights in September 1963.
Emmit Till
15 year old African American boy from Chicago who was brutally murdered by whites in
Mississippi in 1955 for talking to a white girl.
Thurgood Marshall
NAACP chief council in the 1950's who will become the first African American justice of the Supreme Court.
Orval Faubus
Gov. of Arkansas who mobilized national guardsmen to resist segregation of Central High School.
George F. Kennan
Foreign policy expert from Milwaukee who developed the strategy "Containment" for President Truman.
Benjamin Spock
Best-selling book writer who wrote a parenting guide for child rearing in the 1950's. He would later protest the Vietnam War.
Henry Wallace
Henry Wallace. former Democratic VP who ran on the New Progressive Party due to his disagreement on Truman's policy with the Soviets; caused the Democratic party to split even more.
Strom Thurmond
He ran for the "Dixiecrat" in 1948 because he was upset with Truman's desegregation actions.
Douglas MacArthur
Commander who will lead a daring invasion at Inchon during the Korean War, but will be replaced by Harry Truman due to insubordination.
Ho Chi Minh
His troops will defeat the French troops at Dien Bien Phu in 1954.
Fidel Castro
Cuban socialist leader who overthrew a dictator in 1959 and established a Marxist socialist state in Cuba.
Spiro Agnew
He was the Vice President to Richard Nixon who was forced to resign because of illegal actions.
Jimmy Carter
39th President; President who stressed human rights. Because of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, he enacted an embargo on grain shipments to USSR and boycotted the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.
Phyllis Schlafly
She was an anti-feminist activist who believed and equal rights amendment would undermine the traditional family.