River Erosion Landforms


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Hard resistant rock
For example Granite, lies on the top
Softer, less resistant rock
Like sandstone, lies underneath a harder rock in a waterfall
Overhang collapses
Under the weight of gravity and after being undercut by erosion processes such as abrasion and hydraulic action
V-shaped valley
A steep sided river valley found in the upper course of a river created by vertical erosion
Interlocking spurs
Sections of harder rock in a v-shaped valley that inetrlock. The rivers winds around them.
Waterfall retreats to leave a gorge
Such as the Niagara Gorge, or the gorge downstream from High Force on the River Tees
Plunge Pool
A deep pool at the base of a waterfall formed by erosion.
Tributary valley
A smaller valley with a stream that conTRIBUTES water to the main river
Sudden descent of a river or stream over a vertical or very steep slope in its bed. It often forms where the river meets a band of softer rock after flowing over an area of more resistant material
Vertical erosion
Downwards erosion, for example when a river gouges out a deep valley.