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  1. Polis
  2. Citizen
  3. Classical
  4. Oligarchy
  5. Themistocles
  1. a In Ancient Greece, a person who took part in the government of a city-state
  2. b City-state of Ancient Greece
  3. c Athenian general/leader who lead the Athenian Navy to victory over the Persians at the battle at Salamis.
  4. d form of government in which a small group holds political power
  5. e Describing the artistic style of ancient Greece and Rome, characterized by balance, elegance, and simplicity

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  1. A poet who tells stories by singing
  2. Story or play in which the central character struggles against destiny, but meets an unhappy end
  3. A teacher and author. He opened a school called The Academy. He wrote The Republic, the earliest book on political science.
  4. A philosopher who believed in absolute truth. He developed a teaching technique known as The Socratic Method. He was found guilty of "corrupting the young" and was sentenced to die by drinking hemlock juice.
  5. A blind poet who lived during the 700's BC, composed the two most famous Greek epics-Iliad and the Odyssey

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  1. TyrantA person who seized power and established one-man rule


  2. MercenaryBuilding used for worship; also a place of refuge


  3. SophoclesWrote many famous Greek tragedies including Oedipus Rex.


  4. DemocracyA soldier who serves a foreign country for pay


  5. SymposiumA gathering of men in Ancient Athens that featured eating, drinking, entertainment, and intellectual discussion