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a chart showing dates and times by which tasks must be completed


the habit of putting off tasks untill the last minute


monetary resources


A money management plan that specifies how a person will spend his or her money during a particular period.


All the money a person recieves during a fixed period of time

impulse buying

Spending money on a spur of the moment, without planning.


a sum of money a person can use before having to pay back the lender


The process of giving or exchanging messages


the medium in which a message is delivered


the time and place of communication

body language

Facil expressions, posture, and gestures

active listening

listening with understanding and paying close attention to what is being said


An active listening skill that involves being focused, alert,and open to reciving information


An active listening skill that involves restating the factual content of a speakers message.


A set of people (usually three or more people) who influence eachother.


A change in behavior caused by a desire to follow the norms of a group




A set of oversimplified beliefs about the attributes of a group and its members.


A negative feeling or attitude toward a group that is based on oversimplified beliefs about that group


Awareness of and sensitivity to the feelings,thoughts,and experiences of others


A sense of closeness, caring, and mutual acceptance that comes from sharing ones true inner self.


1.disagreement that occurs when individuals or groups clash over needs, vaules,emotions,or power.2.Indecision that occurs when no option is significantly more attractive than the others

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