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What was this land called before it was called "Palestine"?


Led the children of Israel out of Egypt


What is Moses' protégé name?


Name the 3 Kings of the United Kingdom

Saul, David, Solomon

What were the two areas of the Divided Kingdom called?

Northern- Israel, Southern- Judah

What was the capital of Israel?


What was the capital of Judah?


Which prophet prophesied up to and during the Babylonian invasian?


Assyrians conquered which area?


Babylon conquered which area?


Which foreign King is referred to as God's anointed one in the Old testament?


What 2 things did Cyrus allow Jewish people to do?

Sent them back, and gave them supplies and helped them rebuild their temple

Who was ruled the Greek Empire?

Alexander the Great (ATG)

How long did ATG live?

32 years

To make greek or act Greek


2 major contributions of Hellenism to the rest of the world during that time

culture, and laguage (architecture is another one)

One major name of the Jewish rebellion

Judas Maccabee

Who was the Jewish rebellion revolt against?

King Antiochus III

Which Jewish holiday celebrates this Jewish Rebellion?


How long does Hanukah last?

8 days

Who put an end to Jewish freedom by conquering Jerusalem


Who was born the same year Jerusalem was conquered?


What was Octvious' name later changed to?

Caesar Augustus

What empire did Caesar Augustus rule?

Roman Empire

"The Peace of Rome"

Pax Romana

How did the Pax Romana effect Jesus?

They were weary of someone disrupting their peace so they killed him

What new testament references this ruler by name?

Caesar Augustus, LUKE 2

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